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  1. Slt Raine,

    J'ai vu tes commentaires sur la Dark Fire et j'aimerais vraiment échanger sur la MAJ du soft et aussi du firmware "setup gibson firmware utility 0.5.1" que je ne trouve pas.

    J’espère à très bientôt.


  2. He fell from a bad batch that's the risk of buying online ... Mine was in 2003 and I did not have these worries, I bought and tested shop have to be a standard for the purchase of instrument. It is a natural finish that Sublime! and it sounds great . By price / quality a fact hardly better.
  3. Pushing too hard I will fear to overtighten and damage the neck...
  4. My Les Paul Les Paul Studio 1996 With P-90 Les Paul Custom Widowburst Les Paul Custom Les Paul Dark Fire
  5. I played for about fifteen years 2h a day . But today with my childrens at a young age it 's becoming more diffcille is to balance family life . So for three years I played 30 minutes a day if I can but it's complicated ...
  6. Si tu veux de vrai réponse va plutôt sur ce forums qui est très actif! http://gibsonguitars.forumactif.com/
  7. It's funny I have hearded 4000 for the original plan
  8. http://techstore.gibson.com/ here you find all you want for Dark Fire!
  9. The repairman told me it is common is the power module which dropped it takes $ 150 to repair.
  10. This is not the fuse and I check if I removed there is no sound at all, it's a dull sound permanently. this may be a supply capacitor has dropped. I will contacted a repair specialist we'll see what he says. thank you
  11. Are you really help me? I do not see how you did not address the real problem... "This kid" you are 14 years old.... And i had 33 years old... Do you live in our world? It's not because you have a marshall that you know all Marshall... have you already opened your amp?? has to see what it looks like! Personally I've had problems and I found the problem if only one day showed the same sumptomes Would somebody I can help my experience but it is yours? The failure is an electronic maybe a capacitor alim who has let go ... It is an argument because I have sound with the "send" on anoth
  12. This type of advice I can do it myself if I had now the means I'll get a head JCM ... but this is not the case But the problem remains unsolved ...
  13. I have a little trouble with my Marshall ... I was still playing with my Les Paul when the sound has Splite ... He became a thud. No sound from the amp, I plug the guitar or not does not change, the knobs not any effects, I turn off and restart.. has nothing to do .... IT do more That a dull sound, are what anyone has had the problem for help me... For information that is not the lamp I check it. It a head Valvestate VS100RH. Thank you for your help
  14. Normalement c'est livré avec les guitares, dans chaque etuis de mes Gibson je les ai eux! C'est bizarre que tu n'en ai pas eu des le départ!
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