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  1. Well I did read all of the comments up till this point, brad1, and not one of them mentioned the Gibson website.
  2. So I guess Sweetwater is the best option lol. So why not order straight off the Gibson website?
  3. Which website(s) is preferable to order a guitar from?
  4. I have no idea what the Hardy ones are lol.
  5. Are indian laurel fretboards any good, like similarly good to rosewood fretboards? Is there a difference tonally and appearance-wise?
  6. Hello, What are everyone's thoughts on the P94 pickups by Gibson? What do you think of them as opposed to the P90 pickups? Personally, I think they are a great single-coil alternative, but I would like to see what everyone else thinks of them.
  7. Hey guys, What are your favorite colors on a Gibson guitar? Mine, for example, is gold top, but I'm also a fan of heritage cherry, iced tea burst and royal tea burst.
  8. I'm thinking about getting a Les Paul in the next few months and I am really fond of the color/burst options available (I am mainly leaning on the 50s Standard). How do you pick which color/burst to get?
  9. I would get the telecaster. I find the 61 standard tempting to buy too, and I already have an SG Standard from 2019. Like you said, you'll be able to fill in those sounds you're looking for, as opposed to the SG.
  10. I am currently trying to decide which of these two pickups to get for my SG Standard. Here's what I know so far: the Burstbucker pickups have Alnico 5 magnets and have a higher output, are found in the Standard 61s and a couple Les Pauls that I know of, the coils are rounded the opposite way I think, have really good clarity in the clean sounds, and provide the player a little more punch and bite than the regular Burstbuckers. The 57 Classics, on the other hand, have Alnico 2 magnets and have lower output than the 61 Burstbuckers, provide a sweet tone and great clarity in the clean sounds, and
  11. I bought an SG Standard last year on Black Friday. I compared it to the slim taper on the SG Standard 61 and personally, I preferred the bigger neck on the regular Standard. The slim taper I believe is for those that like to play fast. The rounded neck is close to the chunky neck found on the Les Paul Standard 50s. If you have big hands, then the rounded neck may be for you. Hope this helps even a little.
  12. I still have months to decide which one to get first, but I think I will follow your suggestion.
  13. Haha it's possible I just not get either of the Les Pauls.
  14. Thanks for your input guys! I think I know what I'm going to get now!
  15. @Kmonk I did look at some videos comparing both pickups and I can definitely tell that the P90s add a bit more crunch than the Burstbuckers.
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