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  1. Gibson emailed me the specs found in this forum but also found other info: Les Paul Studio Lite with MIII electronics Has a balsawood insert to reduce weight and a switch to go from traditional LP setup on a 5 way with HBs (Off, Neck tone off, Neck, Both, Bridge) Flip the two way and it goes into single coil mode (neck, neck/middle, middle, bridge/middle, bridge) apparently it was to compete with a Strat on the single coils but also give the LP sound when humbucking needless to say it didn’t take
  2. 6 years late to the discussion. But my Studio Lite MIII has the Ebony Board like the specs say. But in sunburst unlike the specs. Gibson must have done whatever they wanted then.
  3. I’m hoping someone from Gibson Factory in Memphis or Nashville may know. Since it ended up at Gruhn so that would make sense that it came from there. I agree the switch arrangement is interesting but so is the pickup arrangement - it would need the 5 way. Do you know any other resources that could help?
  4. My grandfather owned a pawnshop on Lower Broad Way in Nashville between 1986 and 1994 (Rose Loan Company, 419 Broad, Next door to Ernest Tubb). I have lots of fun stories about Lower Broad back then, but that is a topic for a different time. During that time, he and my aunt purchased me a Cherry Sunburst Les Paul from Gruhn Guitars. I know very little about it other than we were told it was a prototype I have been unable to find anything about it or any other similar guitars Any info would be helpful. I feel it is unique Guitar Info: Bought 1994-1995 from
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