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  1. Angel is a song composed by Hawaiian Jack Johnson. This song was released in 2008, as part of his Sleep Through The Static album. This song is dedicated to all 'Angels" of our world. We are literally surrounded by beautiful and kind beings, true angels!!! Peace, love and hope to all!!! https://youtu.be/Oln7L18odY0
  2. "You've Got to Be Carefully Taught" is a show tune from the 1949 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific. South Pacific received scrutiny for its commentary regarding relationships between different races and ethnic groups. In particular, "You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught" was subject to widespread criticism, judged by some to be too controversial or downright inappropriate for the musical stage. Sung by the character Lieutenant Cable, the song is preceded by a line saying racism is "not born in you! It happens after you’re born..." This version is from James Taylor's latest album American Standards. https://youtu.be/HlwvpuDYM2Y
  3. Love this classic, and your guitar playing is so nice, love the tone of your guitar. Excellent set-up, and the video is so enjoyable. Thanks for this beauty!
  4. Beautiful guitar playing, and your tone is excellent. Very nicely done! Great set-up!
  5. This is a collab project with Adi aka "the dead soul". Collab work with Adiatma Siregar. Adi from KVR added all instrumentation, and mixed with original acoustic guitar and vocals from Rene and Clarissa. Thank you for this superb collab Adi!!! Enjoy! Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you https://youtu.be/zl0qs06WCz0
  6. You are simply so awesome, and I love your comments!!! Lots of classics from those two albums!!! I am a buig America fan!!! Thank you, my friend!!! Respectfully, Rene
  7. "Ohio" is a protest song and counterculture anthem written and composed by Neil Young in reaction to the Kent State shootings of May 4, 1970, and performed by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. It was released as a single, backed with Stephen Stills's "Find the Cost of Freedom”. Young wrote the lyrics to "Ohio" after seeing the photos of the incident in Life Magazine. To all our social justice fighters. May you have the strength, the stamina, and the charity to understand and love others, even in the midst of chaos and evil!!! Love, peace, and joy to all peoples!!! Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you. https://youtu.be/iwJ-1HANQUk
  8. "Lonely People" is a song written by the husband-and-wife team of Dan Peek and Catherine Peek and recorded by America in 1974. "Lonely People" was written within a few weeks of Dan Peek's 1973 marriage to Catherine Maberry: Peek- "I always felt like a melancholy, lonely person. And now [upon getting married] I felt like I’d won." The lyrics of "Lonely People" advise "all the lonely people": "Don't give up until you drink from the silver cup", a metaphor which Dan Peek thus explains: "It's possible to drink from another's well of experience...and be refreshed. Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers. As Dan felt, marriage is a seal of everlasting love, which is strengthened by the blessings and assistance of family and friends. Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you. https://youtu.be/hdAbwtLkKjU
  9. "A Horse with No Name" is a song by the folk rock band America, written by Dewey Bunnell. It was the band's first and most successful single, released in late 1971. Dewey Bunnell wanted to capture the sensation of the hot, dry desert, as he remembered his childhood travels through the Arizona and New Mexico desert when his family lived at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Bunnell has explained that "A Horse with No Name" was "a metaphor for a vehicle to get away from life's confusion into a quiet, peaceful place". ************************************************** *************** In the midst of life's confusion, the solace and joy of old friends and beautiful memories always transport people to a state of peaceful bliss!!! Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you. https://youtu.be/e-Xrl6E6KYo
  10. Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall, written by Paul Simon and released in 1965. Life does not last forever, and will eventually be worn down and wilt, just like flowers in the rainfall. Cherish life, and provide nourishment, while consistently weeding around diligently, and keeping the relationship between family and friends strong and alive!!! Peace and Love!!! Through the corridors of sleep Past shadows dark and deep My mind dances and leaps in confusion I don't know what is real I can't touch what I feel And I hide behind the shield of my illusion So I'll continue to continue to pretend My life will never end And flowers never bend With the rainfall The mirror on my wall Casts an image dark and small But I'm not sure at all it's my reflection I am blinded by the light Of God and truth and right And I wander in the night without direction No matter if you're born To play the King or pawn For the line is thinly drawn 'tween joy and sorrow So my fantasy Becomes reality And I must be what I must be and face tomorrow Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you!!! https://youtu.be/Qumg0GDE2r0
  11. "Ain't No Sunshine" is a song by Bill Withers from his 1971 album Just As I Am, produced by Booker T. Jones. The record featured musicians Donald "Duck" Dunn on bass guitar, Al Jackson Jr. on drums and Stephen Stills on guitar. Keep the people that keep the warmth of love close to your hearts and minds!!! Always choose love!!! May the blessings of Peace, Hope and Love fill your New Year 2023!!! Feedback is much appreciated. Thank you. https://youtu.be/OoFmvuxLvLM
  12. "That's What Friends Are For" is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager. It was first recorded in 1982 by Rod Stewart for the soundtrack of the film Night Shift, but it is better known for the 1985 cover version by Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Gladys Knight, and Stevie Wonder. This recording, billed as being by "Dionne Warwick & Friends", was released as a charity single for AIDS research and prevention. It was a massive hit, becoming the number-one single of 1986, and winning the Grammy Awards for Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and Song of the Year. It raised over $3 million for its cause. This song is heartily dedicated to our very good friend Ruth Abrea!!! Know that you can always count on us!!! Our love and prayers are with you!!! https://youtu.be/6Ux_-hkehNU
  13. "Sister Golden Hair" is a song by the band America from their fifth album Hearts (1975), written by Gerry Beckley.Beckley says "There was no actual Sister Golden Hair." The lyrics were largely inspired by the works of Jackson Browne. Beckley commented, "[Jackson Browne] has a knack, an ability to put words to music. I find Jackson can depress me a little bit, but only through his honesty; and it was that style of his which led to a song of mine, 'Sister Golden Hair'." I dedicate this song to all our sisters with silver hair!!!My hair is turning silver, and a lot of our family members are getting up there in age and wisdom. Respect and love goes to our elderly and our loving family members who we tend to forget and take for granted!Feedback is much appreciated.https://youtu.be/q4wKv1UtJjQ
  14. Lovely playing, and very nice song. Your playing is so skilled and your tone is very cool. Love this recording. Rene
  15. Comes a Time is the ninth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Neil Young, released by Reprise Records in October 1978. Its songs are written as moralizing discourses on love's failures and recovering from worldly troubles. Dedicated to our lovers and peoples looking for love, especially in our troubled world. May the precious love of a child be felt by all peoples. Choose to love!!! Feedback is much appreciated. https://youtu.be/kXHWvU9CirU
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