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  1. Very cool. If I had the cash I would look into it. I like the top and the flame.
  2. Great Story. I love the finish. Play the hell out of her and Happy Birthday!
  3. I too would rather have 2 Pu's.
  4. Agreed. A '59 Les Paul' date=' a Strat owned by Jimi Hendrix, and this [img']http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a135/kkm1/v.jpg[/img] I'm a Huge Jimi Hendrix fan......he's the one who introduced me ot guitar so anything he has ever owned or played would be awesome.
  5. Ok so I've decided to get the R8 because I found out he likes thicker necks. I'll be sure to post pics. Thanks for your help. :(
  6. Good for You Murph! Keep it up.
  7. All my amps are 15 watts or less and all are tube. To me IMHO unless you're playing a Stadium, you really don't need a 100 or more watts amp.
  8. I'm trying to choose between a R8, and an R0. They are both around the same price. What are the main differences? and which do you guys think would be a better choice/which would you rather have? Thanks, Gibson4life
  9. I have a $3500 budget and have no idea what I would like. I'm open to all ideas. This present is for my Boyfriend. I own a few 3 LP's myself but don't know what I should get him. Ideas?
  10. Congrats.......very nice LP.
  11. Nice Collection.......I really like the Les Paul's finish and top.
  12. Got my first guitar when I was eight. (1992) Been playing 18 years........I'm 26 years old. :)
  13. Cool.....I dig the 3-Tone Sunburst.
  14. Welcome to the Forum!:) Nice score........pics or it didn't happen.....
  15. Beautiful Les Pauls! Welcome to the forum.
  16. Nice Strat. That's one of the nicest Strats I've ever seen.
  17. My Billie Joe Armstrong Sig Junior:) One of my favorites to play. The last pic is the case. It doesn't get anymore Rock and Roll then that.
  18. Yup. A 73 Strat copy. Decent, but I'd rather have a Gibson.
  19. Nothing. I save up for all my guitars. No fund, No guitar.
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