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  1. I don't really have a preference. I usually adjust to any neck once I pick up the guitar. Though if I had to choose, I like my Strats's neck. It feels just right and my hand could play for hours and never get tired.
  2. Congrats on your first Les Paul! Love the Top. :)
  3. I also favor the Traditional. I've owned one and I also think (in my opinion) that the Traditional sounds and plays much better than the Standard and Classic Antique.
  4. Historics for sure or a custom. You can get more for your money if you buy used.
  5. Pelham Blue, Honey Burst, and Vintage Sunburst :)
  6. I believe it's a Les Paul Studio. Beautiful Top by the way.
  7. Woahhhh' date=' Awesome Work Dude.
  8. I agree with CB. The Casino and Sheraton are completely different beasts and I suggest you play them both. I, however having owned both, prefer the Casino because the tone and growl of the P-90's are something I look for in a guitar. But, you shouldn't rule out other models such as the Dot, Lucille, and the Rivera P-93 as others said before. If you're just choosing between the Casino and Sheraton, I suggest that you play them both and decide from there.
  9. If you aren't really feeling the V anymore and you're sure you wouldn't regret the trade, I'd say go for it. If Jags are what floats your boat, then trade away.
  10. Oh my god.......I think I have found my soul mate. Now all I have to do is get $4500......
  11. That's a nice SG you have there. Most SG's nowadays are either orange or brown............
  12. Congrats on your new Trad, Love the flame.
  13. Nice top.....love the flame.
  14. Right now, I'm focused on trying to save up enough $ to buy a Gibson Warren Haynes Sig or a Gibson R8. But like Dub T, If money wasn't a issue I'd buy everything.
  15. Beautiful Goldtop you have there. I'm also a fan of the zebra's.
  16. My First was a Strat Copy. Second was a Les Paul Junior.
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