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  1. Standard.........I like a little bling on my guitars, but if you have a tight budget, the studio is the way to go.
  2. That's awesome, I love the finish! Where'd ya get it?
  3. You already have a Les Paul, so if I were you, I'd buy the Strat because the Strat is a whole different beast.
  4. Wow that's beautiful, and I really like the purple lining on the case. Don't sell it.......I promise, later in life you'll regret it.
  5. Beautiful Collection. Love the rustburst
  6. I voted Vox, but my second choice would be Fender.
  7. Wow, you could go on tour with that thing. lol
  8. What do you like to play through?
  9. Only a 1960 LP Reissue will have a 60's neck. All 50's models (R7, R8, R9, ect) will have a 50's neck profile.
  10. I own one, and they're great. When I first played it, I was surprised at how well it sounded. It sounds suprisingly loud when unplugged too. And with the upgrades/case, it really is worth the extra $400.
  11. Has anyone seen this yet?? Looks Pretty cool. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Epiphone-Les-Paul-Traditional-Pro-Electric-Guitar-423561-i1515777.gc
  12. NEVER sell gear at GC, Unless of course, you want to be ripped off. I bought a Les Paul Studio for around $1300, and one year later they offered me $600 for it. You'd be better off doing business on Craigslist, that's where I sell all of my gear.
  13. Thanks Neo, I'll be sure to look out for anything fishy.
  14. Cheaper than regular stores?? Like, let's say you wanted a LP Standard for Example, would it be less than retail? ie: GC, MF, Sweetwater, ect. All help would be appreciated since I'm going to the Guitar Show in Dallas Tommorrow. Thanks!!
  15. Gibson4life

    '79 LPC Pr0n

    That's awesome. I like the cream binding.
  16. That's Awesome Man, Love the Flame. Enjoy Her.
  17. Go for it. You can always change 'em back if you don't like them.
  18. Nick Jonas?? Out of all the great guitar players in the world' date=' you choose Nick Jonas??
  19. For Me, there's 2 1. A Gibson Les Paul Supreme in Alpine White 2. A Custom Ordered Gibson Les Paul R9 with a Tobacco Sunburst Finish, A Bigsby, Super 400 Inlays, 57 Classic's, Ebony Fretboard, and a Custom Headstock. Just Sayin'
  20. Love the top man. Looks great.
  21. Gibson4life

    My new LP

    I like it. Looks awesome.
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