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  1. DeVinci13, you have a beautiful collection of silverbursts! That's awesome. Very unique collection you got there. Edit: All that is missing is one of these........ http://wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/gibson/vexplorer/881934/881934.php
  2. Neo said it all. You should buy the one YOU want and be happy with it, instead of regreting the purchase down the road like you would with a satin finish. That's what I did with my Studio and I don't regret it AT ALL. The Studio is one of the best deals Gibson has. Without all the trimmings of a Standard or a Custom, its a real rock and roll Les Paul, meant for the player and Studio recording musician.But then again, some people Prefer the faded/satin finish, so that part is up to you.
  3. Who are your favorite guitar-slinging gods?? My Favorites are Jimi Hendrix, Slash, and Jimmy Page.
  4. Nice.....LOVE the flame by the wayy
  5. That's cute! I like it!! Is is a boy or a girl?
  6. Oh Fxck........someone offered me a '63 for $5000! Dxmn it!!!
  7. That's a beautiful faded! I like it too!
  8. Beautiful Lp!! Love the burst!!!
  9. Go for tubes. If you're gonna play in your bedroom/not gig, I'd recommend the Marshall Class 5. The tone is amazing and for a 5 watt amp, this thing is very loud. Even my Strat copy sounds GREAT through it. And it also looks amazing. Then again, everyone has their own opinion and I'd just recommend just trying out every amp in your local guitar store and just choose based on YOUR ears.
  10. Looks like wildwood already has 'em in stock, and the price isn't too bad either. Im guessing Wildwood got the first order. What do guys think?? http://wildwoodguitars.com/electrics/gibson/custom_artist/102000524/102000524.php
  11. What'd you get for your sweetheart??
  12. I personally am a fan of the Les Paul, but I honestly love all Gibson models. What's your favorite???? :P
  13. I've actually played in front of an audience of 3000 with just a 15 watt Line 6. It was fine and I actually didn't even turn the volume all the way upp. Personally anything above 50 watts is just too loud, and unless you're gonna play at the Grammys, you don't really need that much. Having a Amp of higher wattage doesn't necessarily mean better tone (unless you have a tube amp)
  14. Awesome guitar......love the flame!! Enjoy it......she's a keeper.
  15. Nice! Congratz, Play it, Love it, Cherish it. Love the burst by the way
  16. Finish: Sparkly Mettalic Blue Pickguard: Full/Black Neck: 50's-Nice and Chunky Fretboard: Ebony or Brazilian (If It was still available) Inlays: Block like the LP Customs Bridge: Tune-O-Matic/ Maestro Headstock:Custom with Split Diamond Inlay Truss Rod: Custom Tuners: Tulip Pickups: BB Pros Hardware: Chrome Equals: MY Perfect SG
  17. Don't kill me......but even with the Custom, my most played guitar and my favorite is my Agile AL-3000. It plays, sounds, and feels amazing. It was a gift from my kids and let me tell you they bought it for only $400, but it is (in my opinion) at least a Elitist level. Seriously though, these guitars are AMAZING. Though my Hagstrom is a very close second. And let me tell you I honestly don't EVER base my purchases on the name on the headstock............ALL of my guitars were chosen simply by ear and by feel. I just go into my local guitar shop and play every damn guitar in the entire store.
  18. Yeah......that looks like any other historic with a dark back.......
  19. The one that feels, plays, and sounds best to YOU. (personally I go for all Les Pauls, cause they're awesome)
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