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  1. A few months ago I found a Black Ice pick (heavy) stuck in one of my horse's brushes. The barn is 10 miles from my house & I never use a pick... True story.
  2. I've gotta agree with surfpup--I need context! My Vox AC15 sounds good hanging around the house...or maybe the homemade tweed Deluxe. If I need some volume the Demeter TGA-2.1 is nice. If I'm stranded on the hypothetical desert island (with magical power supply) it'd be the Rivera Bonehead--it's loud enough to signal passing ships. (Plus the shock wave would stun enough fish to keep me from starving...) Of course the other part of that equation is...what guitar goes with that one and only amp???
  3. Some people like to go out dancing And some people, they got to work And there's even some evil mothers They're gonna tell ya that everything is just dirt... That women never really faint And that villains always blink their eyes And that children are the only ones that blush And that life is just to die... "Sweet Jane" I've spent my life avoiding those evil mothers...the best advice ever dispensed in a rock song. Dammit I'll miss having him in the world...
  4. MY 54 BB RI, volume dimed and tone rolled way down through my Marshall Bluesbreaker, dimed. My all time favorite noise, there's something primal in that sound that speaks to a place deep down...snarling and crying at the same time. Another combo that comes from a whole 'nother place is my Epiphone Swingster w/Fender Excelsior amp. The tone puts me in mind of 40's jazz coming over an AM radio at 2am.
  5. n Izzy, Eminence makes a lot of guitar speakers-so does Celestion Eminence Speakers Celestion Speakers The speaker an amp goes through is as important to the sound as the wiring and tubes--a change in speakers can substantially change the character of an amp. You just found that out yourself with the Blackheart cab...
  6. You could try swapping out the speaker in the AC4. I swapped the stock speaker in my Fender Super Champ XD for a Eminence Ragin' Cajun and wound up with a better, louder amp. The stock speaker was decent-but now my little amp keeps up with a "sensible" drummer!
  7. Highway 61 Revisited!!! Best album you never heard of--Sweet Thursday
  8. Brian Eno--the ambient stuff. When I play it at the barn all the horses zone right out too (my horse Jack loooves Apollo)--weird but true. The other horse owners have noticed and have been asking me to bring out "Jack's boombox and mixtapes"!!!
  9. I have a Modern Classic Rosewood J-45 in Antique Natural... (Was that noise your head exploding or is the artillery range open this week?)
  10. I am a product of a 50's very mixed marriage--Asian, African/American, Native American and White (and that was Quebecois to boot)...a classic mutt! My father was a military man and we spent most of the 60's in Europe witnessing the tragic aftermath of the world enabling a bully and occasionally being bullied ourselves. My father's advice was "As long as they're just running their mouths, turn and walk away. If they put their hands on you, put their lights out...then turn and walk away. What bullies really want is that you NOT turn and walk away, that you stand there and just take it an
  11. While I really do love the pure untainted sound of fine acoustic guitars it's sometimes nice to try new things! I have a Fender Super Champ XD (a tube amp w/digital amp models and effects) and I like to use the acoustic or jazz models with a touch of reverb or delay... No, it doesn't sound authentic but I think it sounds pretty good. After a few beers I might try the metal models--it might not sound good, but I bet it wakes the cat up.
  12. Twenty-odd years ago I was where you're standing albeit in a different field (Corrections). As long as you're still working with "your" people (in your case nursing staff) as a primary or shift supervisor it's wonderful--you get to make all those decisions that YOUR supervisors never would once you have confidence in your ability. It's an amazing feeling, like flying. But once you reach UPPER management and start dealing with people in suits who have never touched a bedpan (or worked a tier) whose only qualifications are a high-priced piece of paper and highly placed relatives and who are on
  13. To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time And I'll be happy to see all those nice young men in their clean white coats And they're coming to take me away ha ha... I was a big Dr. Demento fan back in the day--anybody remember "Fish Heads"?
  14. These lyrics don't need to make sense--the delivery and the backing track make it all too clear... Chest Fever-The Band
  15. In the original post he just wrote 626 without a prefix... He's got a really nice sound going on with it, however, it did sound markedly different from my RP1-626 and I was wondering why.
  16. I politely beg to differ: RP1-626 Mark, I do love the sound of that ROS! Nice!
  17. There are 2 626 models-- RP1-626 0 model RP2-626 00 model I'm just curious.
  18. I found the detail work that goes into Gibson's work very encouraging and completely understand the concept behind it. I have an Eastman AC-512S (nice guitar!)and the glue on the bridge gave way a while ago and it lifted very slightly. Off to the luthier's it went and it came back almost as good as new. There are finish cracks around the bridge, barely visible due to the natural finish but a burst would have looked pretty bad and probably required a refinish. Given Hogeye's explanation, I might require little dots around the bridge on my next Gibson!
  19. Sounds great! Is it a RP1 or an RP2? I've got the RP1 and have found that the 25.5 scale adds a lot of oomph to a small body guitar.
  20. The oils and acids in your skin will cause the plating to wear off--some people have particularly acid sweat. Washing your hands before you pick up the guitar and wiping off the metal parts after playing will help. Gold-plated hardware is notorious for showing this kind of wear.
  21. Technics SL-J92--linear tracking direct drive w/the cartridge assembly attached to the lid. It's still around here somewhere along with the Scott receiver and a Pioneer cassette deck.
  22. The muffler on my Jag was hand-crocheted by Tibetan lamas using the belly hair of sacred yaks... I think that's what the dealer said. <_<
  23. Yeah, the Mode Four cabs are very under-rated and hard to find. The MF280 A & B cabs are great and built like tanks but if you can find the MF400... Four 100 watt Celestions pretty much let you pile on all the gain and volume a lad could want without the speakers crapping out. Oddly enough they're also really good for squeaky clean tones too--no chance of overdriving that cab.
  24. A couple that haven't been mentioned: Fresh Cream Music From Big Pink
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