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  1. I wonder if TV came into play too: a guitar up higher would give the cameraman the ability to focus on the performer's face and still show that he or she is playing. BTW, this could also be done in reverse, such as hiding Elvis Presley below the waist to NOT show his movement and corrupt american youth... :) just a thought.
  2. i know, all too well. Those were the WORST. the joys of a "liberal arts" education. :)
  3. plug it into your computer: that's when the fun really begins. FUSE, the USB recording interface, etc. :) have fun! Don
  4. actually depending on the transformers in the kit, $400 sounds pretty good.. the iron is the bulk of the cost. I'm doing an 18W build right now. Transformers are here: :D
  5. you could build a Marshall 18W clone, like this Lite IIb layout from Brown Note:
  6. i do to. unfortunately, i don't think so: it would take that to make him step down. In Tim Cook, Apple is in good hands, but few have the personality of Steve: he's the last "Rock Star" CEO.
  7. i find that i play both passively and actively. i will sit down and actually "work" on things i am trying to learn, but then also just noodle around without any thought at all (scales, chords, random licks, etc.) i've even spent entire conference calls (a common thing in the IT world) playing unplugged the whole time. the guitar to me then becomes the equivalent of a stress ball or brain toy. anyone else experience this phenomenon? few other instruments lend themselves to such diversity. :) Don
  8. The base material costs alone are not a measure of value, of course. If you give both me and Michaelangelo the same tubes of paint and a canvas, which result is gonna be worth more? :) The real "art" to me with respect to effect pedals is the design part. Knowing why all the pieces need to be soldered together to achieve the desired sound is certainly worth something. But, as a pedal builder for hobby, there are very few i would buy without attempting to make my own, if not for the cost reasons just because i find it fun! Don
  9. whew! glad i don't have the $$ right now... that is a slick looking guitar.
  10. i like it. classy looking.
  11. Very cool! Looks really well built!
  12. your best bet would be to play with EQ, and maybe some normalizing/compression. the challenge is, as you've guessed, you have a "flat" recording, or essentially a stereo master already. the best work with mastering is to be able to play with discrete tracks on a multitrack recording. changing a frequency on a mixed recording affects all the instruments across the board, where with a multitrack your control would be more granular/isolated (i.e. boost the bass and kick, but leave the guitar alone, etc.) you may be able to breathe some life in with a good compressor, but i don't know what you'll find for free. good luck in your quest! :) Don
  13. ok, but where does the memory card go? <jk>
  14. was his name really John Kennedy Oswald? wow, what a fascinating name. RIP, indeed WAY too young.
  15. You have to go to the Gene Simmons school of selling out: think BIG and unrelated to music... How about a signature island resort, complete with a signature airline to get there and back? :D
  16. here's some Art: Carney: Garfunkel: Shaw: :D have fun! Don
  17. +1 on Fender Mustang series (my son has a Mustang I and after playing with it I got myself a Mustang III). Both can also be used as recording interfaces to PC and are surprisingly versatile.
  18. i love your interpretation of this! the video effects lend a nice psychedelic feel as well. very well done sir!
  19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCjUDUshHdQ
  20. folkie stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y6PiF5kfjI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0kJdrfzjAg
  21. i bought one of those "uni-bit" drill step drill bits, it was expensive but made drilling holes a cakewalk. (now i just need to keep working on my painting ability.) i am REALLY looking forward to your progress on this. :) getting ready to build my next one too (an Easy Face). have fun!! Don
  22. cheers! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXqqw-gQqzo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUx5z9O2ZGk
  23. I'd say go R9, but then that's just me. I LOVE mine. :)
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