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  1. thanks! for drilling the holes, i have a really small #32 drill bit (0.116"), and then just use my cordless Dremel. a drill press would be much easier and accurate. i got a package of 6 bits on eBay for all of $6. for the press-n-peel, make sure your iron is above 275 degrees: i usually start ironing when it hits ~300. i use a cooking thermometer to measure it until it's hot enough. then iron 2-3 minutes to ensure a good transfer. you can clean up the traces with the combination of an x-acto and black sharpie, or just draw the traces by hand with a sharpie: anything you draw with the marker will stay. have fun! Don
  2. my latest project: Big Muff Pi. i used the pdf as found at tone pad, building the "stock" version. i have the components to tweak it, if need be.. press-n-peel, right after ironing: after etching, drilling the holes and cleaning up with steel wool: passive components mounted (sockets for diodes and transistors): wiring done: a blue LED: painting is next. -Don
  3. i'm done! i put vintage 30s in my 2x12 cab too: a neat mod, bias test points to read cathode mV over a 1 ohm resistor to get mA: theres a shot of the bias pot too, you can adjust from the outside or inside. very pleased with this one: a little bit loud before it starts getting dirty, but what cleans! Don
  4. the only reason i sold my Dark Fire when i did was because i bought my R9: that guitar was really close to perfect. i LOVED the headstock/flowerpot inlay, it was light thanks to chambering, sounded really good as a normal guitar, and had a piezo/hex pickup. if they did reissue it with updates a la this LPX thing, i'd REALLY have to think hard about it... :) Don
  5. is that a lawsuit Black Beauty in there?
  6. thanks! the tolex turned out pretty good too: gonna go with the chrome corners anyway though: I started wiring tonight.
  7. my current project: a '63 Bassman amp: I'm getting ready to start both the wiring and the tolex. Don
  8. not too bad a way to go, aside from providing for your family. what good does it do you when you're gone anyway? Love that song, btw. "if you take a walk, i'll tax your feet." a very bitter young Mr. Harrison there... :)
  9. i too admit to being way to fickle to call just one instrument the "one." for YEARS it was a Les Paul, and I love mine: its a beautiful R9 with a faded cherry top, and VOS treatment. I'd never sell my Telecaster either, i made the mistake of selling my first Tele and still miss that one. Nor would I part with the guitar I sold the old Tele to buy, too sentimental. my classical guitar, a Cordoba Solista, is the instrument i play the most now. and my newest, a gretsch setzer hot rod, is too much fun to play to ever imagine parting ways with. who knew how much fun a Bigsby was? :) Don
  10. don't walk away, RUN. You're better off just finding another drummer than risking yourself. it may sound cold, but i would not let my loved ones anywhere near. they're registered for a reason. stay safe!
  11. Richard Thompson is brilliant, as both a player and a songwriter.
  12. one of the benefits i forgot to list in my post. i have an 8 ch TRS snake, straight from the TD-20 brain into my MOTU 828: talk about simple recording. Mic placement? N/A. Don
  13. I still have the drum set i got as a beginner (in the early 70's). it's a (now vintage) Ludwig kit, the shells date to October 1966. I imagine they'd be worth something, if i had not gigged and trashed them over the last almost 40 years. That said, they are priceless to me, as are my collection of cymbals. I have them packed away, and I play Roland V-Drums daily. They are like playing on practice pads, albeit much more "real" feeling. From a rudimentary perspective, the V-Kit great: you get a great response when practicing stick control, you can isolate sonically and play whenever you want without disturbing anyone, and you can still get a "real drum" sound when you want to rock out. that said, the V-kit is very forgiving and easier to play than my real drums. Ultimately if your son takes to drums, there is no substitute for a real kit. This is especially with respect to nuances in snare work, brushes, and so on. Some great books for beginning drummers: Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer - Ted Reed Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer - Jim Chapin my Roland kit: have fun! Don
  14. In my opinion, metronomes are a great training tool from which all musicians can benefit. Time spent practicing with one pays off in performance. Take something you can play well, and figure out where the tempo falls for you naturally. Then, set your metronome 5 bpm faster (or 5 bpm slower) and play it again. it's a good exercise.
  15. i can see the DMCA lawsuit article already....
  16. I feel this way about Springsteen too. what was that saying about opinions and everyone having one again? :)
  17. it's been said by others already: the 12th fret inlays look awesome. really nice work! D
  18. i love the concept. maybe slightly simpler: dot inlays (or even no inlays), normal f holes. I'd be very tempted if this was in a natural or a vintage burst too. but why stop there? why not put in some TV Jones pickups? :D
  19. I agree, both Wrigley and Fenway should be on every fans' list of places to go before it's too late (and it gets late early in baseball!) However, I can't escape the thought that a move slightly westward would be a boon for the franchise. Wrigley, as quaint and historic as it is, is a bit of a shackle to the team in many ways too.
  20. I work in Elk Grove Village, so this would be fine with me too. :)
  21. Setzer's pretty cool. The guy can really play too.
  22. I put Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAFs in my mahogany top LP, and love them. The super distortion is much higher output than these or the Duncans would be (which of course may be what you want.) :)
  23. My last public performance was in the early 90's, after which we all pretty much graduated college, moved on with our lives, (in my case enlisted in the US Navy), etc. As a teen and into my early 20's, I was gigging/jamming 3-4 days a week, drums in one band, guitar in others, whatever I could do. I would not trade that time in my life or the experience for anything. This June I'm playing in my very first guitar recital: I can't wait to perform again, even if only for family and friends in a public library. I say play out all you can: you'll get better, make friends, have fun... memories that will stay with you.
  24. I built a ring modulator once, this made me think of that at first. But reading further, EHX makes one of those too, the "Ring Thing".
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