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  1. Here's my new baby. Well, grandbaby I should say. And I thought I was too young and pretty to be a grandpa. <img src="http://imgur.com/hZGK7.jpg" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /> So can anyone recommend a good guitar for a 1 day old?
  2. What I did was just let the guitar air out. Left the case open and the guitar on the stand. The smell is about gone now. I wouldn't put the stinky guitar in the case. Clean the fretboard real good, too. Mine had all this tobacco residue on it. Yucky
  3. You should learn how to work on your guitars. That way you can hang on to your hard earned money, and you avoid the risk of leaving your guitar in the shop. Get Dan Erlewines book or theres lots of websites, like this one Electric guitar setup good luck
  4. Townes


    Well, that didn't take too long. I see that somebody snagged it. Was it you, NID?
  5. Townes


    I guess I'm not a very good shopper. I gave $1K for mine.
  6. Townes


    How is posting it here a GAS deterrent? Do you really think we're going to tell you not to buy it? If I didn't already have one I'd jump on that sucker. I love mine.
  7. To those with the tiny pictures, try hitting F5 to refresh your screen. Works for me.
  8. Hey Suburude, If you haven't already you should check out the song Danko/Manuel by the Drive-by Truckers. Its on The Dirty South album er CD[biggrin]
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