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  1. HNGD, I want one someday too !
  2. Good stuff ! My fave MM record is Spine Of God.
  3. I have it and I dig it. Geezer and Tony riffs ftw !
  4. AWESOME !! I have a first gen SUNN model T :)
  5. HAHA ! The singer is really good. We were pretty together that night and had a killer crowd response. Very hard to capture everything without a pro audio setup.
  6. Much love to the people in OK. Hoping it doesn't hit here today. ( D/FW )
  7. Ok, thx.I'm at work and haven't listened to it yet. I have no idea who recorded it ! LOL. We do play really loud tho.
  8. Some live tuneage from my band's recent show http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pW-UgZu7po&feature=player_embedded
  9. AND on some quality LSD, NO ! lol
  10. SWEET guitar !! Good call on the super distortions as well :)
  11. Never heard of it, but I'd try it !
  12. jojo68


    Congrats !!! LOVE my SG's and LP's !!
  13. Congrats ! I've never played one, but heard they are great !
  14. The one I bought was $500 new from guitar center and did have a case. Wish I'd never have gotten rid of that guitar !
  15. I LOVE it, they'll never be able to scream over my amp enough to distract me ;)
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