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  1. That is a smokin' deal! You really scored! I love my 61'!....and I want more!
  2. akadave

    Cheap Gibsons

    SG's are an incredible value for a US made guitar...AND, there an icon and there is nothing else out there like them...nothing. They are inexpensive for the most part and just an awesome guitar.
  3. I think that a heavily applied finish can definitely affect the tone (ie, dipped in paint Strats of the 80's) of a solid body guitar. It affects how the wood would resonate so it has an effect. As far as type then I would say not so much. The argument for Nitro is that it allows the wood to "Breathe" (read, dry out more evenly over time affecting tone).
  4. That Braz back looks like shite. Not the best quality Braz but that is whats available to today. Overvalued.
  5. I suppose this will be temporary. Yet another period in Gibsons history that will debated long after we are gone!
  6. Here is something odd. I called the Gibson restoration/repair center in Nashville today. I asked one of the techs about re-fretting considerations with the laminated fretboards. He indicated they were seeing laminated boards on the customs and was told that the ones on the Gibson USA guitars were not laminated at this time. Interesting....
  7. Does the tang really go deeper than the first layer? Wow!...if that is so a refret could be a nightmare. I always plan on keeping my guitars past their first set of frets. The way I play I flatten out Gibson frets pretty fast, so Im always conscious of a refret. This really changes things then.
  8. I love Gibson guitars and own a few. I really want a new SG but this whole laminated Rosewood thing has me put off. Does anyone else feel the same way? Will Gibson go back to non laminated fretboards anytime soon?
  9. None of the new SG Standards I have seen have rosewood fretboards...just that horrid baked maple. Im not keen on the laminate either. Things are worse for guitar builders all the time. Thanks left wing activist bureaucrats!
  10. Hi,Good Day;

    My name is Miss.Mary Dickson, I saw your profile to day at (forum.gibson.com) and was moved and become interested in you, I will like you to send me an email to my address (marydickson100@yahoo.in) so that i can give you my pictures for you to know whom i am.

    I believed we can move from here? Remember colour or distance does not matter but LOVE matters allot in life...

  11. I do know that my new AJ500R came with bone nut and saddle, confirmed by my luthier. Hide glue would be hard to prove but I dont see why it wouldnt be so. The neck is also a dove-tail joint.
  12. Thanks Mike54. Im going to get some bone pins for my AJ as well. My luthier says that I should get un-slotted pins and have the bridge slotted. Said it would improve the tone even more. Hes says that my AJ is a cannon and I got a good one. I will do some picks. I like the looks of the spruce top. Its kind of darkish due to the satin finish with some streaks in it. It looks vintage to me. One thing on the down side. I ordered the guitar from AMS and when I got it, it didnt have the gigbag/case. I thought "no prob". Whent to my local shop and the only thing they had that fit was an Epi hardshell case. Black with tan accents, gray interior, really really nice. The bad pare is it smells like mothballs soaked in paint thinner. Very strong! Ive been airing it out for a couple of weeks now...limited success but time may make it work. Dave
  13. Hi All, Im new to the forum. I am new to Epiphone acoustics with the aquisition of a new Masterbilt AJ500R. I have a couple of Gibson electrics and will someday pick up a J45 but I thought I would get my fee wet with the AJ500R. I have to say this AJ is pretty amazing. Im not much on an acoustic. My 28 years of playing being almost exclusively electric/ rock, hard rock, metal. I had a Taylor 310CE which really didnt do it for me. This AJ500R however seems to be much more to my liking and about 1/3 the cost!
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