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  1. Slowhand is one of my guitar heros http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1pzXJuvdAY
  2. I've got that on Blu-Ray, it is awesome! I love that customized SG Standard Tony's using in that first clip.
  3. SG  FAN


    Awesome faded SG!! Personally, I'd ditch the harmonica bridge though.
  4. For an early 60's LP SG........your looking at more like $20,000 to $30,000.
  5. None of the above, it should be Black Sabbath's self titled debut album. What other rock album almost single-handedly launched a music genre?
  6. No they're not. Les demanded to have his name removed, (a bone-head move, IMO, but anyway) that's why it was renamed SG.
  7. How about a Les Paul signature SG just to piss people off :) (And yes, I know Les hated the SG, but face it, guy didn't have the best sense of style. Have you seen the Les Paul Recording he played?? Yuck!!)
  8. My thoughts exactly He probably thinks Sabbath is boring too
  9. You got to touch THOSE?? I have a new respect for you Steve :)
  10. I like MIJ Teles, especially the double bound 62 reissues, but since they don't import them anymore, they're hard to get. So I went with a special-run MIM Tele.
  11. At that price, I'm pretty sure they're Mexican. Oh well, I'd just as soon have a Fender made in Mexico by Mexicans as one made in California by Mexicans :)
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