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  1. And The Ultimate Scale Book & Tortex Sharp picks.
  2. I power my fuzz pedals through the Pedal Power 2 plus' positions 7 & 8 (SAG) with the dip switches away from Normal as is recommended for the germanium transistors which simulates a dying carbon battery. I love the fuzz tones from both the '69 and the Fuzzy Lady. B)
  3. Finally got my Fulltone '69 Slight Return fuzz pedal a couple of weeks ago. I now have two...the other is the Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady. I love both of these pedals! [thumbup]
  4. Old enough to know better....... and..... still foolish enough to try !
  5. Great post (#10) NeoConMan. RIP Leonard Skinner.
  6. Thanks for the post NeoConMan. Wicked screamin' slide guitar.
  7. Great. Thanks for the post PESIMAX !!
  8. I love "Calling Elvis" amongst others. He was great live. I took my son to his first live music shows this past year. Guns and Roses, Colin James and Mark Knopfler. All different venues and different musical styles. The back up bands were good as well .
  9. I love the way they ignore safety to "get the job done quicker"......faster, stronger, quicker......the six million dollar man! Wow!
  10. One more question for you PESIMAX, I notice there is a pass through buckle and 3 rivets where the strap tab slot for strap pin at the bottom of the guitar body. Does the buckle or the rivets make contact with the guitar body? Do they cause any damage to the guitar?
  11. Well....Happy Birthday.....on tuesday......dem00n....(in case I am not posting) . All the best!
  12. I got into rock climbing after parachuting a few times. That cured me of my fear of heights. However, I don't think I would be "free climbing" as the fellow did working on this tower. Safety before money always.
  13. i like the sound of the Disaster Fuzz !!
  14. Will do. I got notification that it is shipping out to me Monday.
  15. Check it out.......classic gearmandude...Fuzz pedal shootout Monsterpiece NPN, Plum Crazy FX Fuzzy Lady, Fulltone '69 and Analogman Sunface BC108. I am getting waiting for the two fuzzes (fuzzy lady on it's way as of today and '69 in 2-3 months-it's in production)in the middle but I am liking all four after this demo. B)
  16. Let 'em make fun of you Fred61......it is their issue..not your issue.....you'll be playing and having fun with your various fuzzes....... !!
  17. Just saw him live a couple of months ago. He put on a great show!
  18. I calculate approx. $430.00 for the Bigsby 7 in gold, the adapter in gold and a gold roller bridge that fits les paul. Probably order the gear around Christmas. It is going to look pretty sweet:).
  19. Did you receive it yet dem00n? How do you like it? I haven't ordered mine yeat from couch. Will order in another week or two.
  20. Where I work.....oh...it's the zoo, you're right Joaquin!
  21. I am following your lead....I start back into some lessons this Thursday. How are your lessons going?
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