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  1. With it all buggered up like that....post a few pics and maybe someone can help?
  2. I'm tied up on a computer that doesn't have my autocad program on it tonite......so I'll do this with a couple stock pics. Here is a standard 3 way switch 2 pup wiring You'll notice that the 2 center contacts are soldered together....for this application Don't do that! Bring red and white to one set of contacts and black and + volume control to the other set of contacts and then the rest is like this but without the added push pull switch. Pretty straight ahead .......not conventional but simple non the less. I'm surprised you had such a hard time visualizing it carverman. Edit I left out 1 wire from white to ground sorry.....red and white stay together and in the other break position white goes to ground...Duh sorry!
  3. OK I got a few minutes and this is doable....red and white are together on on one contact up it's humbucker,middle it's single coil and down it's kill. So you have red and white together and ground on one side and black and pos vol control on the other side......I started second guessing myself It's very much like this but with a second break position for the kill function. And you don't connect the center contacts like a standard LP switch!
  4. I'll draw one up tonite guy's ....I can't do it right now but I'll spill the beans......the center position doesn't have to bring the 2 contacts together....so if you leave them separated you put red and white on one pair black and pos to volume control on the other....so center position is humbucker...down position is single coil and up is kill!
  5. It's very simple .....hint : A....A+B...B is the standard switch! OK I'll give it to you! Both coils....ground One coil....ground Both coils to ground
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