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  1. I've seen 40's 50's zephyrs that need a little bit of work go for 1200-1400. Most sellers want something like 2200 for them, but that's high. The vintage guitar magazine price guide 2010 edition, probably the most reliable source, says 1200-1450 for the standard Zephyr, 1400-1800 for the Zephyr Regent (Zephyr with a cutaway). Higher prices for naturals than sunbursts, and of course (original) condition is everything.
  2. Wayne Kramer, of the MC5, one of my favorite underrated bands. Thanks to youtube, I can now see him wailing away on his Epi Wilshire. Of course, you can't really watch all 8 minutes... but now I'm inspired to see what my little reissue will do........... [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  3. That is a screaming beauty. Tell us how the middle position sounds for the P-90, compared to neck/bridge most of us are used to. How could you be done? Where's the acoustic(s)? The solidbody?
  4. Honestly I wouldn't rout for the third pickup. Granted, the Wilshire reissue is an inexpensive guitar and you can take some risks without getting burned too badly, but it just seems like a LOT of work with potential for for things to go wrong, for what kind of payoff? You might want to reconsider just re-doing the stock pickups and electronics and get the thing rocking. I put a pair of Seymour Duncan Antiquity II minihums in mine, new pots, switch, jack and wires, sounds great. The pickups had to be removed from their soapbar mounts (soldered in place) and were slightly smaller than the s
  5. Stewart - I went with Seymour Duncan Antiquity II minihumbuckers. They do sound great, I'll post on the installation soon, it was NOT straightforward, but not bad really. They're designed to fit into Les Paul Deluxes, not Epis (like Sheraton, Wilshire. etc.) $230 is a great price, someone should snap that up.
  6. Welcome Rhinobean, and HNGD!! That's a very nice looking example, looks like great wood. I'm very happy with mine, purchased in March, I did a pickups/controls/wiring replacement and it sounds wonderful. Hopefully yours is sounding great stock. They're so retro cool! Peter, the standard Epiphone SG hardcase fits the Wilshire - http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-SG-Hardshell-Case?sku=517247
  7. According to the Vintage Guitar mag price guide, a 1964 Casino in excellent condition is 4-5 grand. A strap button shouldn't do too much to value - don't wear a belt buckle when you play standing. Unless the change to Bigsby would make a big difference in your playing comfort and tone, don't do it. With vintage gear, you can always make changes later, but you can't undo a change. And you never know what you might sell later, even if you're sure you'll keep it forever.
  8. Post pictures and a review after you've had it to play for a bit. There seems to be a good bit of curiosity about this model, so any more input would be good. HNGD!
  9. Been away for a while, but here's a late weigh-in on the Wilshire '66 reissue. The guitar itself (my example anyway) seems very well-built. Got it back in March from Musician's friend on sale for $320. Long neck tenon, good joints, neck's good, frets are good, very little to complain about for fit and finish. Worn cherry is the way to go, nice red color; aged cherry just looks like a weak brown stain, and black is OK if you like that. Acoustically, unplugged that is, it sounds very nice and just vibrates in your hands My problem was with the electronics. I guess I just never had cheap pick
  10. You posted previously with a youtube video link showing the procedure. If done as in the video, it should be fine. If you grab a solder gun putting out 900 degrees and hold it on the pickup for a minute, chances are you'd damage the thing. Use common sense.
  11. As I'm taking apart the controls on my Wilshire, I've noticed a few issues - the bridge pickup volume pot end lug wasn't grounded; tone caps were wired behind the tone pots, such that the wire going into the cap could hit ground before actually getting to the cap; some of the solder joints were dull, and thus possibly cold. Dump that on top of less than top shelf parts (one pot was Alpha, the other three were no name), and that can hamper your tone. I'm finding it fun to work on replacement, now if I can just pull it off successfully..........
  12. Once again, thanks animalfarm, this was really helpful. I hope to have the wiring completed in a couple of days, life keeps interrupting and refusing a couple of hours of free time, but I'll let you all know how the independent wiring job went.
  13. Nice work, congrats and welcome to the group! I have SD Seth Lovers in my Heritage 575, great sound, clean as you want but potent when you want it. Rock on.
  14. You're the best animalfarm. I finally got someone from stewmac on the phone and they assured me there really was no difference with wiring pickup to wiper or end lug, other than the individual control, so I'll go with it. Thanks much for the help, I'll post with pics of my mess when it's done!
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