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    apart from the obvious guitar obsession I also enjoy Kickboxing, painting and cycling.
  1. guitars straight back in their cases after gigs. My post-gig routine usually involves getting home, having a beer and wrapping my wrist in ice for 30 mins as I suffer joint pain after playing for long periods. In fact I need to something about this wrist problem but thats for another time!
  2. you ought to meet our bass player, he has the worst farts ever!
  3. sneddy72


    I generally have my pickups wide open because I normally get too much treble bleed when rolling off the volume on the guitar. Depending on what amp I feel like using I either set my Laney LC30 to about 7 on the clean channel and add gain/boost through pedals. My Marshall 100w JMP is a different beast altogether, I hardly ever get past 3 on the volume, I cant imagine it at 10! Anyway I always set up with pickups wide open and set the volume on the amp. I guess its down ro personal preference like everything.
  4. Smoked a pack a day up until my other half got pregnant which was when I quit and have never looked back. Been 7 years now, best decision I ever made.
  5. ok I give up, tried every way I can think of and still cant get a photo pasted on here
  6. cant seem to get any photos posted on here for some reason. annoying
  7. couldn't have put it any better myself!
  8. I just put a GFS mean 90 bridge and a GFS Dream 90 neck into my Sheraton and I love em. The difference between them and the stock epi pickups is night & day. I'm really surprised at how good the Dream 90 sounds.
  9. Job done! I did it the proper way in the end. I love the results, totally different sounding guitar now!
  10. I think he is the first to admit that he is not technically brilliant, but what he has managed to do is create his own sound using delays in a pretty unique way and writing some pretty awesome songs along the way. 150 million albums sold so he's done something right!
  11. I love everything about this live version, in particular The Edge's guitar work. Most people say he never plays solo's so I thought I'd share this one.
  12. thanks for the 'heads up' on that one RTH, I will do a bit of research
  13. yeah I will have a go at that, unfortunately it is one of the early Samick models, a 1988 and the f holes are narrow like you say.
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