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  1. +1 on pippys response. Just play 'em all. What about an amp? And strings? And cables? And another Gibson? And another one? Abandon ship gassing has begun......
  2. Yeah, you can live with them, you just can't leave by the side of the road...
  3. Man, what a stellar lineup. Wowsa. Thanks for posting that. Yeah, blues is hard. My fencing teacher in college said that the weapon that you learn first is the Foil, not the Saber or the Epee. The Foil is the simplest to learn and execute. Yet, he said it is harder to master than the other two swords. He was right. What I found about life, is that most of the time, the simplest is the most difficult to master. Whether it was the Foil, the Bass, or the Blues. Easy to learn and remember. Hard to master.
  4. It's been said before: pick them both up and play them. Immediate difference you will feel, most likely, is the weight difference (Trad is weight relieved and the Standard is chambered) and then the necks. The 2008 Standard has an asymmetrical neck. Some people like it, some don't. Just like the dif between the 60 Slimline and the 50's rounded. Some like 'em some don't care. Just as important is how it sounds to you. (BTW, if you want to know more about weight relieved and chambered just search this forum for threads esp. in relation to tone and sustain. There will be an unlimited amounted of facts and opinions on that issue.) Good luck and have fun...
  5. Hey meanstreak, does your acoustic Kay have a neck that is not wide? Don't know how else to say it. I've got a Kay acoustic as well, pretty sure its from the 60's, still play it and sounds pretty darn good. I can't find any documentation since they seemed to have pretty much been stamped out and seen as cheap guitars. I will get a pic up for ya. Don't find too many people who have a Kay acoustic.
  6. You hate to see a good guitar gone bad...so sad.
  7. Damn. Fun to watch. The drummer was super. Thanks for posting that one...
  8. How does it sound? How does it play? Does it have potential? Start out only doing the bare minimum. Replace the strings (look like you did that). Does it stay in tune? Play it. How does it sound? How's the action? Frets in good shape? Is the neck still fully attached to the body? Willy Nelson still plays this one to this day.
  9. And then I had this GAS attack: Gibson 2011 Nighthawk Vintage Sunburst Damn!
  10. Hmmm, gassing for a Gibson ES-339. Multiple things are getting in the way but maybe by Christmas. It hurts to be putting it off for sooooooo long. And while I wait that gas-type thinking starts to invade and maybe, just maybe I could buy a less expensive Gibson, then common sense kicks in and says, 'then you will not be able to afford the ES-339'. So it's back to maintaining a major gas attack. Damn it, I was actually NOT thinking about the darn guitar until now. Oh, well.
  11. Sorry about the breakup. Good advice from your friend. And, yeah, pick up that instrument and wail on it. It helps fill the void. I feel better after playing as well.
  12. Is this it? Yeah, like it. Rustic and nasty looking. How does it sound? They go for about 1K so appear to be a good price. Good luck with it.
  13. Always loved that song. And putting bagpipes in it was pure inspiration. Damn, it gets me moving. My absolute favorite AC/DC song.
  14. It makes my head hurt just reading it. I think therefore I am cross. No matter what, I still gotta deal with it. Thanks for the heads up...or is it the cross up?
  15. Matthew, I should have qualified my statement. In their early years, before they quickly matured into their own, they covered American music that they loved and admired. Once their composing skills grew, covers, as we know, were a thing of the past. As The Beatles, always moving forward, started looking for influences to color and shape their music they used, Indian, Music Hall, Blues, Vaudeville, Pop, Rock, County. McCartney would sometimes use heavy influences in their songs from America, like Rocky Raccoon and from the British Music halls, When I'm Sixty-four. McCartney's, Oh Darling, is a rave up on rocking blues (One of my favorite McCartney/Beatles tunes). So The Beatles reflected American music back at us early on and then used those influences to further expand their musical language. AND p.s. Yeah, the definition of 'composer' has been loosely applied in this thread but I am okay with that. I figure it's anyone who can construct music and evoke emotion, whether or not they can read or write musical notation.
  16. John Williams did a very good job 'adapting' Gustav Holst's symphony, "The Planets", to the Star Wars soundtrack. I find the original 'Planets' far more inspiring myself. I would not give Williams any credit for originality just a +1 for his adaptive powers. And yeah, the Imperial March is great...good choice. Also echo Beethoven for the most emotional, Bach for the most ordered, Mozart for the most genius, and Hayden for being the father of them all. (He was Mozart's music teacher) And of course in the American category: Lennon and McCartney (they reflected our heritage back at us), George Gershwin, Aaron Copeland, Duke Ellington, Frank Zappa (avant-garde, without the snootiness)
  17. What kind of "Bird" are we talking about here? And BTW,what's wrong with two "The" s on the sign? One could say it is more explicit or it is a sign trying too hard.
  18. You've probably been told this but when you are about 40 years old you will appreciate how young you look. It can be a bummer though until then. I was asked for my ID every time, when purchasing alcohol, until I was about 35-40 years old. People still misjudge my age to this day. Anywhere from 10 to 20 years off. It gets to be some fun after 40. Enjoy the ride if that's the worst your life is at this time.
  19. Ehh! Brand on brand is not necessary. It's personal taste and depends on the guitar. I use GHS Phosphor Bronze 12's ('Light') on my old Kay. Sounds nice. Using them for years now.
  20. Hey Rokkstar, get that git yet? How did the transaction go down? How do you like it? Get some pics up as soon as possible.
  21. It's okay to do a little research so you aren't wasting your time with a guitar you wouldn't buy but all things being equal...you difinitely want to play both if you are undecided. The feel and the sound are the most important. Not what has what or doesn't have what. I personally want the ES-339. Great price point for what you get and sounds great. Saving up those bucks for my next purchase. Have fun. The journey is important as well. Let us know what you decide and get those pics up ASAP.
  22. Well, start here with this thread: 335 vs 339 And this one: more info and history This thread has some sound: More opinions + Sound And then the Gibson info: ES-339 ES-335 Compare and Contrast in 1000 words or less. Good luck. You have exactly 30 minutes.
  23. No Voice [Heaven] Volume 1: 4, Treble: 7, Bass: 8, F/X: Reverb, F/X Level: 3 Voice #2 [bedroom Tweed Distortion] Gain: 7, Volume-2: 2, Treble: 5, Bass: 6, FX: Spring Reverb, FX Level: 2.5 Voice #3 [bedroom Tweed Clean] Gain: 2, Volume-2: 2, Treble: 6, Bass: 7, FX: Reverb, FX Level: 4 Voice #5 [bedroom Breakup] Gain: 10, Volume-2: 2, Treble: 5, Bass: 5, FX: Spring Reverb, FX Level: 2.5 Voice #7 [bright Bedroom Crunch] Gain: 5, Volume-2: 2, Treble: 5, Bass: 7, FX: Spring Reverb, FX Level: 2.5 Voice #8 [Dark bedroom Crunch] Gain: 5, Volume-2: 2, Treble: 5, Bass: 7, FX: Spring Reverb, FX Level: 2.5 Voice #10 [Quiet clean] Gain: 5, Volume-2: 2, Treble: 6, Bass: 6, FX: Spring Reverb, FX Level: 2.5 (The above settings were collected from the Fender forum web site) ...Season to taste...
  24. +1 on the above suggestions. FYI: Try this link from Gibson's website: WHAT A SERIAL NUMBER CAN AND CAN'T TELL YOU ABOUT YOUR GIBSON And then there is this: Gibson Serial Numbers 1975-Present Have fun.
  25. American Mutt. I judge people by how they treat others.
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