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  1. What is that on the upper bout??
  2. At least get a tube amp. One thing I look for is cabinet construction, go with plywood not particle board, imo. That rules out Bugera. I play Mesa Boogie but SGs sound awesome through Fender, Marshall, and Orange (no surprise, right?) I avoid Chinese if I can so that takes most Vox amps out. I think the Marshall Haze is made in India and have serious QC issues. You don't have to worry about blowing your audience out with a 50-watt Marshall either if you can use your Gain and Master volume stages competently. For the money, the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe(40-watt 1X12)is a killer amp.
  3. I've seen a few cream specials. Around 1997 also the special runs, i.e. SG-X, Z all had ebony fretboards.
  4. The TRC being single-ply is interesting. The limited run SG special I have also has the single-ply... I would call Gibson.
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