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  1. Well, as 'psycho-billy" Roger Miller so aptly told us "You can't Roller Skate In a Buffalo Herd"
  2. Here's Vince supporting Cary Underwood giving the performance of a lifetime. Can't think of another guy who could do this harmony and this solo on a battered old strat. My link
  3. Here's a guy who went seven rounds against Roberto Durand and writes and plays some very interesting songs on a HB, Listen and weep fellas. My link
  4. Allison was married to Steve Earl but apparently they split in March of 2014. She's the sister of country singer Shelby Lynn. She wrote and performed "A Soft Place To Fall" in the movie The Horse Whisperer" and was nominated for an Oscar.
  5. My favorite ,the beautiful, soulful Allison Moorer My link
  6. Just an indulgence of us old farts before we stumble off the immensity.
  7. Welcome to the world of the hearing impaired. I can't hear a kettle whistling without my hearing aides and find it difficult to stay on pitch if I try singing without them. I have industrial deafness from a life time of operating heavy equipment and am on my second set of aides. Both sets are behind the ear and I've never had anyone notice without my pointing them out. I've worn mine all day, every day since the first day I got them back in 2009 and wouldn't be without them. Even $9000 (Australian) top of the line aides are far from natural hearing abilities but they're a hell
  8. Excellent Brewboy, your style reminds me a bit about Canadian singer, songwriter Gary Fjellgaard
  9. I would say keep it short and sweet, verse one, a chorus, verse two, repeat chorus. Leave 'em wanting more. Don't bore the judges, there will be a hundred dreary " I been done wrong songs". I would double the rhythm speed of Gravity, something along the line of John Hartford's "Gentle On My Mind". Sing your Preacher song with a lot of passion and anger. Kick some butt. Listen to Mick doing " I Can't Get No Satisfaction" Good luck Anne, win or loose, you're a fine singer song writer.
  10. Here's a Tom Rush song about um-ah-ah whatever.
  11. Hey, some pretty tricky pickin' there BK
  12. My father, who was an old time fiddle player, toke me to see the first Beatles movie,' A Hard Days Night'. I ,of course, was ecstatic until he commented that although he could see they were talented, he didn't like their music.
  13. Mate,you're about to upset the whole fabric of modern society if that song ever gets out. Whata ya mean it's MY fault. What about the guvment, my mother, my wife, can't I even kick my dog anymore. Love the song, good one!
  14. Bruce seems to play usually takamine's on the road. I think he has an early 50's J-45 which is what you hear on his studio stuff.
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