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  1. Some really good looking guitars.Do certain Studios come with ebony boards anymore?Has baked maple found it's way on Studios yet?
  2. Those are some sweet goldtop Studio's posted above and I'm diggin that worn Studio with the Bigsby.I played Gretsch's for a few years and became very attached to playing with a Bigsby,so I put one on my LP,but could'nt warm up to it at the time.I may try it again in the near future.
  3. Very nice indeed....There is "something" about silver & black that goes very well with guitars and cars in my opinion.
  4. Those are cool guitars without a doubt.I don't know how rare those are,but I would guess that not a whole lot of people have one and there you are with two.Including yours that makes only the third picture of one I've ever seen.Very interesting guitars.
  5. Your right,I added the binding before the refinish.I think there were some early Studio's that came with binding,but with dot inlays on the fretboard..
  6. Yea,she's a Studio.I thought it would be a cool project and it was.These photos show the guitar as it was before I finally decided on the burst.Originally it was wine red and then gold with a brief time just natural.I'm happy to say I am done.
  7. This is my 1992 Studio.It looked a bit different back then and up to a couple of months ago.
  8. Here is my very heavy 92' Goldtop that started life as a wine red studio.It spent a little time as a blonde only to find it's true color after the 50's/60's tribute GT's opened the door for gold as a option for a Studio. \:D/
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