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  1. Well, I'll give a plug for the following, in addition to GC and MF: Eddies Guitars, Wildwood Guitars and Dave's Guitars. Great selection, good prices, excellent customer support.
  2. I've been pretty impressed with the Gibson's I've played that were made in the Custom Shop. Right now, I have a CR9 and a CR4. These are chambered reissue Les Pauls. I think the only thing I did to the CR9 after I got it was to adjust the pickup height to my preference. Love the pickups they used in the CR run.
  3. I Am A Walrus by Spooky Tooth. You Keep Me Hanging On by Vanilla Fudge.
  4. This is a slippery slope for anyone trying to protect their customers. I'm sure that Apple wants to do the right thing, but the question is how do they protect their customers while not devulging any more information than necessary. I'm guessing that is a one size fits all solution. Its not like there is one solution just for the bad guys and a different solution for everyone else. It is even possible that they may not have a way to secure this information. Ideally, that would be the best way to protect the information from ever being used by anyone. Chances are, though, that Apple does have a way to get at this information, but they may not have it readily accessible or at least have it limited to a very few select individuals. Heck, it may be a computer generated formula that no one ever really sees unless it is stored in a safe somewhere as a last resort. And if there really is an easy way to make this available, I'm guessing that its just a matter of time before a lot of others figure out how to unlock the keys to the door, so to speak. When that happens, no one's private information is safe anymore. It could very well be that once Apple uses the "in case of an emergency, break glass" option, there is no way of going back. From the FBI perspective, they may be thinking that this is a reasonable request for all the right reasons, but, like so many other things, it may not be reasonable at all. And how is Apple supposed to protect its customers and employees once the cat is out of the bag?
  5. I've had my Skylark for about a month now. Great amp for home use, for sure. I imagine it would be great in a recording studio as well. I can tweak it to get a wider variety of tones than I can get out of my Fender Princeton Reissue and I love my Princeton. The built in attenuator works really well for late night practice. I like amps like this because they really let your picking come through. No hiding any sloppy playing. Great for practicing.
  6. I own JA1058 and JA1071. These were from a special run for Wildwood back a coupla years ago. They were the custom version. One with a Bigsby and one without. The Bigsby model is viewable on YouTube here -->
  7. Yes, I saw those. I also saw that MF had a Johnny A listed in their December mailer. GC also has them listed on their site: Here. That is a pretty big bump in price over what I paid for mine.
  8. I love mine. I think they are still making them. I've seen both the standard and the high models advertised within the last month.
  9. Very nice indeed. I love my Johnny A's. Fantastic playing and sounding guitars.
  10. It may also be possible that the pickups are not centered so that the pole pieces are aligned correctly with the tailpiece, bridge, neck and nut. I thinking that all the pieces need to align perfectly in order to achieve perfectly centered notches in the saddles.
  11. If I'm not mistaken, the saddles should be notched so that the strings pass over the pole pieces on the pick ups. Having a saddle with the notches in the center of the saddle may not give you that alignment. And I would guess applies to all electric guitars. And is also true for replacement saddles.
  12. I have a PRRI and I love it. I also have a clone from Vintage Sound Amps. Its a 20 watt version of the 65 Princeton. I got it as a head and cab. I comes with a 12 inch speaker. A bit louder than the PRRI and way more bass. The cab is very large which I'm sure contributes to that. Not as much of the high end jangle that I love in the PRRI though. I ended up swapping out the stock speaker for a current Jensen C12N. It came the closest to getting that jangle of several different 12's I tried. Great sounding amp too and very well built. I thought about getting a different baffle for the cab and installing two 10's. Pretty sure they would fit without a problem. I have a feeling that would sound awesome. Still may do that down the road.
  13. I like a little chime with my clean sound. Try the middle position on the pickup selector, then turn the volume down a little lower on the neck pickup. I've also found with humbucker guitars and Fender amps, its best to set the bass on the amp below 3. tone
  14. I love the Armitage cases that came with my Collings guitars. Not sure I want to shell out that kind of money for cases for my Gibsons though. Not that the Gibsons aren't worth protecting. Just a lot of money to replace cases that may not be as high a quality product but are getting the job done. Hope I'm not being short sighted though.
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