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  1. Do you still have the Jackson browne model for sale I am looking for one.Thanks Glen

  2. there is something about a great repair job on a badly cracked vintage guitar that just seems to end up magical. maybe the glue is makes a stiffer overall material and the wood is nice and dried out at some point in its life. all I know is that the results can be awesome.
  3. my j35 sounds better with bone saddle, bone nut, and ebony pins to my ear. MUCH better.
  4. I played one as well and it has that 2013 Gibson mojo in spades. Great, great tone and playability. Pickguard is easily replaced if needed....
  5. very interested to hear your thoughts on the lyric versus the trance....
  6. every guitarist should have a 12 string... nothing like getting lost in waves of natural chorus effects from the octave and unison strings....
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed that video...
  8. I am really loving what I am seeing, hearing and playing from Gibson in 2013.... they are clearly stepping up their whole game.
  9. ... Because the burden of proof lies with the man making extraordinary claims.... ;)
  10. ..... in that case, please don't stop with your overblown paranoid delusional conspiracy theories.... you are doing a great job.
  11. faux news says jump and danvillrob says how high...
  12. another day... another fake scandal beaten to death by paranoid delusional fossils as they slowly fade further into irrelevance and extinction... ...please keep up the good work and don't stop self destructing. great job!
  13. here is your chance to own a 70's, er, i mean early 60's, yeah thats the ticket, hummingbird for only $4,500... cause its a HUGE PAWN SHOP SALE.... and don't even think about haggling cause they are "firm" on that price yall.... http://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/msd/3776057128.html
  14. Its funny how much lighter a guitar can feel just a few ounces under the next guitar. Its hard to put into words what makes the new J35 so special.... one thing I can say is that I would not change a thing about how it sounds or plays... its just perfect.... I don't know how they did it but I would chose this guitar over just about any of the high end slope shoulders I have ever played.... and only the very sweetest of the vintage gibson slopes could outdo this guitar for me.... and all of those are waaaaaaaayyyyyy out of this price range. I wonder how much it has to do with the smaller advanced jumbo style bridge combined with the deeper drop in saddle... a perfect and unique combo perhaps? its interesting to me that they still have the through saddle pictured on the Gibson site for the new J35 in the specs section.
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