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  1. Good groove going on there! Your Gibby sounds great.
  2. The more I look at the new EB in natural satin, the more I like it. I kinda like the T-bird style headstock too. There are a lot of good things going on there: set 3 piece maple neck (stable and bright), swamp ash body (excellent tone wood) , and the Babicz bridge (none better IMHO) should add up to a great sounding bass; especially if the controls are like the last EB. It would be nice if it came with a case, but I have cases. I'd sure like to know what the thing weighs; I guess you have to add up all the components to figure that out, but I'm too lazy! And then there's the truss rod question... I certainly don't need another Gibson bass; 3 are enough and they're all great, but it is fun to look!
  3. That's what l like to see! Good to know
  4. I agree that the previous EB is a much better looking bass, but I don't think the new one is actually ugly - it just doesn't look like a Gibson to me... When the previous model came out, there were a lot of negative comments about the looks of it too; not on the forum, but on Gibson.com. A lot of the comments seemed almost idiotic; probably from people who have never played or seen a Gibson. Having 24 frets, one thing that would concern me about the new EB would be the truss rod. I have a 2006 24 fret Les Paul Double-Cut (earlier version of the Money Bass). It's a beautiful bass that gets played a lot. BUT the truss rod head had a puny little 1/8" allen head socket that eventually rounded out. I just spent $400.00 to install a stainless steel rod with a 5/16" socket (hope it lasts). If it wasn't a Gibson, I would've sold it for parts or made a clock out of it. Every other Gibson I own (and have owned) has a brass hex-head nut that will last a lifetime. I do like 24 frets, but if the new EB has that crappy truss rod - I'd stay away! Just wondering - what kind of rod does the previous EB have?
  5. Don't worry- it's not a big deal. I had the same problem with my SG (I forget what year, but it was the first year for the re-issue). I just glued them in with wood glue and never had another problem, and I used the bass for years. If you're thinking of replacing the bridge, I would highly recommend the Babicz Full Contact. I've used the Hipshot and the Babicz; the Hipshot is a big improvement over the 3 point, but the Babicz is so much better. Noticeable sustain, adds some brightness/ harmonics, and it's infinitely adjustable. The Babicz is the only bridge I've ever had that I could definitely hear the difference. http://fullcontacthardware.com/fch-3-point-four-string-bass-bridge-gibson-style.htm
  6. That bass is gorgeous Merle! Good placement of the neck pickup too. I'll bet she sounds great!
  7. Very very cool!! Nice to see another modded Les Paul. It's great to have a "one of a kind", and have the guts to take a router to a Gibson! This is my '01 LP that I modded several years ago. Started out as Honeyburst. Added a neck pickup and a couple Lace Alumitones, and had her refinned to what I call Wineburst. Still my favorite.
  8. I've been thinning the herd over the past couple of years. I'm down to my '01 LP Std., '06 LP Double Cut, the "Swamp Rat" '72 EB3L, and a couple of 32" scale Aria Pro IIs from the early 80s. The EB3L and the LP Std. are my favorites; they play and sound great, but they're both very heavy! By the end of a 4 hour job my old shoulder is feeling it, but the sound is worth the pain. I'll never sell my remaining Gibsons. I still try other basses, but haven't played anything that even comes close to the EB3L or the LP. It's a wonderful thing to be totally satisfied with what you have, and that saves a lot of cash too!
  9. Nice fretless gsg . Man - I looked at the 2016 basses @ Gibson.com and saw only one bass for this year, the $3,500.00 Memphis!!! It doesn't surprise me though; I've never seen a higher-end Gibson bass at a Gibson dealer music store; guitars yes, basses no. One would think that it would be a lot easier to sell a bass if someone could actually play it, look at it, and hear it. Duh! It's kinda like a car -if you've never seen or driven one, would you buy a new Corvette from a dealer who only had a Chevy Spark in stock? The only reason I have a few Gibsons is that I always wanted a Les Paul bass even though I'd never played or heard one. Years ago I took a chance and got a screaming deal on a LP Std on eBay. Once I got to play it (and fell in love), I bought another, and another... I've owned several Gibsons over the years, and don't play anything else. I'm sure glad I kept some!
  10. After 45 years of playing, I've owned many basses - quite a few Fenders, Yamahas, Aria Pro IIs, Rics, Ibanez and, not until 12 years ago - Gibsons (that's when I realized what I'd been missing) . All I can say is that I keep the Gibsons. I'll buy a Fender, like it for about a month, and then sell it. I just keep going back to the Gibbies. for me, nothing plays, feels or sounds like a Gibson. I like set or neck-through designs with angled headstocks; not bolt-on necks with huge honking head-stocks that require string trees . Most of all I love the way the Gibsons feel in my hands - I really can't explain it, but I just play better with a Gibson. Fenders are fine basses and are kind of a blank canvas that you can easily modify, and they are plentiful, but IMHO they don't compare to a Gibson. I truly believe that if Gibson basses were more available for people to try - they'd be king. Some of you have to know what I'm trying to say here, or you wouldn't be on this forum.
  11. Nice to see an action shot . Are you happy with the mods?
  12. Excellent! Right now, I don't have any projects for any new pups, but you've started the thought process! Good to hear from you - It's been a while!
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