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  1. Well to start with if you really like the guitar Don'T do it yourself. A pro would use a special heat gun to loosen the glue so as to not mess up the finish and warp the sound board, and then the plate under the saddle must be removed with care you sure wouldn't want to fracture the plate when removing it. Another thing if you do not have the proper tools and the skill to use them you want be able to replace it correctly. Again my advice to you is DON'T Do it Yourself!!!
  2. I agree with Lefty Guy, the J-45 is not a loud guitar the HD-28 Martin is a loud guitar but a solo gig or sitting at home playing to chase away the Lonely hours it's a winner!!!
  3. I have been playing 47 years and I would say play your way as long as you are in check with the tempo and the melody!!!
  4. Guth I for one believe your on to something. Hopefully Gibson staff will read your post and changes will take place !!!
  5. I'am not to keen on the idea of owning a guitar called a sparrow. I for one believe a name like songbird would not only sound better but attract more attention and more interest !!!!
  6. Great start the J-45 is a fine guitar and will carry the day with a sound that all can Hear and enjoy. Glad to have you on the board!!!
  7. If you like bluegrass and old country are southern gospel I would try John Pierce strings I use them on my True Hummingbird and I going to try them on my Dove I also go along with the above post concerning Martins 4200 or 2200 series strings they sound really good on my Martin D-45 and my Martin HD-28 as well.The medium stings as a rule give a louder projection and a fuller res. that carries longer. I would not try martin bluegrass strings with your guitar as they are sure to muddy the low end and the meds real bad.
  8. I'am from the old school, I still change one string at a time in this order 1st then 6th, 2nd then 5th 3rd then 4th thats how you keep trouble away !!!
  9. Gibson made Hummingbirds with solid block style MOP inlays.
  10. If you decide the Dove is not for you, and send it back, I highly recommend a Martin HD-28 for you, because you said you wanted to play Bluegrass, thats the very reason I own a HD-28 I play a lot of Bluegrass you will be hard pressed to get a dove to be heard,, with a banjo playing!!! if you want something fancy and even louder a Martin D-42 should do it!!! By the way I own a Gibson true Hummingbird and it's a fantastic sounding guitar I play it when performing Southern Gospel music and it's a real dream to look at, plus it so easy for me to match my voice to when singing. If I preform mixed sets of Bluegrass Gospel and Southern Gospel I will often play my Martin D-45 But my favorite guitar to play anything other than Bluegrass while singing is my Gibson true Hummingbird!!!
  11. I owned the top of the line Taylor Presentation series, looks wise it is a super sharp guitar, sound wise pluged in great, unpluged not great. Own the top of the line Martin D-45 looks wise great, sound wise fantastic. Own Martin HD-28 looks wise really nice, sound wise great, Own Gibson true Hummingbird looks wise really sharp guitar, sound wise fantastic!!! For true acoustic sounding and playing unpluged I highly recommend sticking with Gibson and Martin Guitars made in USA with solid wood through out!!! P.S. been playing and performing for over 46 years these guitars if given normal care will hold up for the long haul, so they are a good investment in more ways than one!!!
  12. If the nitro finish is exposed to synthetic ruber, the reaction is like a cancer, it begins a slow but steady process of eating away the nitro finish!!!
  13. The very top of the line Taylor Strap, comes in about 4 or 5 different colors is really heavy duty made,and has a real nice deep tooled design, it's slighty expensive It's been a while since I bought mine, but I believe it was $69.00 but a good strap will last along time, and I would recommend strap locks as their well worth the price you pay, to help protect the guitar from falling!!!
  14. To avoid possible rust or tarnishing, I would recommend not allowing a leather strap are leather ties to be left in contact with the metal parts of your banjo when not using it!!!
  15. If you plan to resale it, Guitar shows and Bluegrass events are top drawer for eager buyers most always!!!
  16. I'd check with several different shops to see what their best sell price cash out the door is, to get an idea as to what they are selling for retail, to get you in the right ball park price wise!!!
  17. I would advise against coiled cable's
  18. I like the sound of the Kentucky mandolin's my uncle has Top of the line Gibson and A Walker, and a Kentucky and that one sounds really good to me and he likes and plays it often when performing!!! And they are some about that price range!!!
  19. It may be a luthier by the name of Lloyd Loar who worked for gibson made it if so it will be worth much more than one of equal condition.!!!
  20. Check with {Devellis} he is a member of the Gibson Guitar Boaard, he is very well informed about the Dobro brand he has a post concerning Dobro already that could be helpful!!@
  21. Devellis,is right on!!! with his infomation. I play dobro and guitar and several other instruments I researched them not very long ago and he done a awesome job explaining it in detail!!!
  22. I would check with several different shops before setteling on a price because the real worth can vary greatly alot of people are paying to much for vintage Instruments. There is a shop in nashville tenn. that you can contact thru the internet there is a fee for there appraisal.
  23. Yep Gibson Brite wire 10-46 is the real deal from factory!!!
  24. How are the prices of used Guitars these days there? Guitars like Gibson and Martin?
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