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  1. I don't have an updated pedalboard shot, but currently it consists of 4 Visual Sound pedals (Double Trouble, V1 series H2O, Angry Fuzz, and Son Of Hyde), a Zoom 5050 Choir, and a Dimebag signature Crybaby From Hell. As those familiar with the pedals might realize, I'm a gain fiend. I like to have a variety of sounds at my disposal with which o change my distorted sound. Sometimes I take the amp only, other times, whatever combination I see fit. with the H2O and the Zoom Choir, they are essentially a digital vs analog pairing. Some things the H2O does very well, some sounds offered w
  2. I used to have an electromatic series Gretsch. Amazing value for the money. I'd consider buying another one when I can afford to get another guitar.
  3. nope. nothing wrong at all. Gibson may be the flagship brand, but the Epi's are a lot of guitar for the price. I own 2 Gibbies right now, but if I was to get another Gibson type guitar, I would be looking at the Epi's too.
  4. sweet guitar. Looks to be in really good shape for a '63 too.
  5. There has to be some middle ground. I've often found when a group that's popular like Zepplin, there are a handful of songs that most local bands will play by them while there is a huge discography of music that's just as good and sometimes just as popular that gets ignored. The trick is finding music that's popular but not overplayed. It makes you stand out and eventually as your establish your following people begin to know what songs you know and what you don't and the requests start matching your repertoire. Also, if you do play the same songs as everyone else, it's not so bad if you c
  6. man I love strats. I have 2 SG's and an American Deluxe strat. I'd buy another if I had the money, but I just got a 1973 SG Standard a few weeks ago and won't be able to afford another guitar for a while now. My strat is Sunset Metallic. I wasn't crazy about the color at first but it's grown on me - I chose the specific guitar for it's tone and feel.
  7. yeah, but A) I try to avoid financing music gear B ) I can't afford one right now. The only way I see myself getting an SG Custom any time soon is to find a used one at a price so low it's authenticity is suspect or unless I win the lotto.
  8. I also have to agree with a lot of what the person who posted this said. It goes both ways and the bar owner's point of view, while I think he made good points, does not take any consideration for the musician's point of view. Musicians should not be expected to play for free or next to nothing. We've spent hours, days, weeks, months.... YEARS sharpening our skills, learning songs, practicing together for the purpose of performing and entertaining people. When bands expect several hundred dollars or even thousands, keep in mind the time and effort as well as the expense of our gear.
  9. While I hate to admit it, this guy made some good points. It wouldn't kill a band to encourage people to buy more drinks. Whether it's as a bribe to the band to have their request played or just simply talking about how great a drink is and suggesting people try it... If it makes the bar owner happy, he will remember your band when deciding who he's going to book next month or whenever. I learned early on to encourage people to buy more drinks and even though it didn't always work, the effort was appreciated. Remember though, it's not your job to bring in crowds...that's a side
  10. This is my rig for both home and jamming or gigging. The amp is a Laney Cub 12. I usually use the 1 watt input at home and 15 watt input for jamming and gigs. If the venue is large enough that the 15 watt 1x12 combo doesn't cut it I just mic it. I may consider getting a 2x12 or 4x12 later on. For guitars it's whatever my mood dictates between my '73 SG Standard, '08 SG Special or '11 Fender American Deluxe Strat. Most times I just plug straight in but when I'm in the mood for pedals its either a Son of Hyde, Double Trouble, Angry Fuzz and an H2O or Zoom Choir 5050.
  11. you know, I've never tried a baked maple fretboard, but I would assume it can't be that bad. I mean, my '73 SG has an ebony fretboard which tends to make the guitar sound brighter... it's even more dense than maple. I'm quite sure the 2006 models didn't have baked maple. 2011 is when they started that trend and I'm sure they've since gone back to rosewood for all but their least expensive guitars and a few limited runs where they wanted to offer something different for those who actually prefered the baked maple over rosewood.
  12. that is my ULTIMATE guitar. I got an SG Special in 2008 and was hooked ever since. I got a '73 SG this weekend and my next guitar I want is an SG Custom - preferably white like this one. :)
  13. I did the trade for the '73 SG. It's amazing. Sounds incredible and the neck is extremely stable. Props to whoever repaired it - best I've seen...not just the refinish over the repaired area but the repair itself. And the neck is thinner than on my '08 SG Special...I never thought I'd find a more comfortable neck. :) I now have one of my dream guitars of my bucket list. :) Now, I wonder how many years it will take before I can afford an SG Custom to complete my little collection.
  14. yes, that's what I meant :P I love that road worn look on guitars that are naturally road worn. I think artificial wear is just ruining a guitar. If you want it road worn, either do it yourself through years of use or buy a used instrument that's been well loved by it's owner. This is going to be my second SG... first one is a faded 2008 Special. My wife doesn't understand why I'd want a second SG. Can't seem to get through to her that besides a similar shape, there is a HUGE difference between the SG Standard (especially a '73) and the Special. I'm on my way to being one of those
  15. I found a 1973 SG Standard for $900 - neck had been repaired but saw pics of the work before they restored the finish around the repaired headstock and it looks very solid - didn't just glue it together again - reinforced it. After pics with the refinishing of the broken area show the work is barely noticeable. Both the repair and the refinish are by professionals. Seems the seller bought it repaired but with the finish on the neck still damaged as he didn't know the name of the luthier or shop that repaired it, but could name the guy responsible for the refin. The suspected repair guys are
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