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  1. Gary Moore can really make those guitars sing. Here are some more of my ideas. The louder a guitar is acoustically the less inherent sustain it will have. The sound you readilly hear is energy being taken away from the string. Therefore losing energy it will lose sustain. Think of a steel guitar. Low volume, long sustain. On the other hand a loud guitar acoustically will have a short sustain until an amp is used at a good volume. The same property that made the guitar loud in the first place (letting sound out) will induce feedback and sustain from the amp (letting sound in).
  2. I seem to have this figured out. My Classic with the high output 500T in it has been my main LP since I bought it new. It has been great with lots of output and crunch. I bought a 2006 Standard that came with Burstbuckers and I hated it, Changed them to 498Ts and now love it. I also have a 2005 ES-335 with 57 Classics, that guitar screams. I had tried a friends 2005 R8 and wasn't impressed, no punch. Fast forward to last fall, I paid a lot of money for the 2018 Historic '60 and love it, it has punch, crunch and it screams, it does everything and the detail is exceptional, one thing my other 2 LPs don't have as much. My 335 on the other hand is very similar to the R0. I think I know why, the R0 is very acoustically loud, like my 335. My other 2 LPs are not, being denser and stiffer. My theory is that if a guitar is resonant and lively unplugged, it can get away with low output pickups and still be a rocking guitar. A denser stiffer guitar will sound weak with low output pickups and will need higher output pickups to really have some punch. I think this is why as guitars became more denser high output pickups naturally followed suit. I think the recent Historics are as close to the originals as they have ever been and I am glad I waited and finally got one, it is like magic with Plexi heads and 4x12 cabs with Greenbacks in stereo.
  3. I have many 2016 Gibson Acoustics and the serial numbers are not different than what has been used for a long time.
  4. If this keeps bothering me I think I will shave them down a bit.
  5. I noticed something strange. The plastic pick guard bezels are way too high. The top of the Chrome pick up covers themselves are slightly below the plastic. This is a bit cumbersome to play as my pic keeps hitting them. Am I to assume this is the way they made them in 1960?
  6. I have a 2001 LP Classic and the serial number is 010648. Mine came with uncovered pickups, 500T and 488R. If yours is an early 90's it is regarded as the best years for these.
  7. Just played it again at higher levels. It really comes to life differently than my other 2 USA Les Pauls. I am going to try it soon in my studio through my Marshall 1959HW and 1987X in stereo. I think it may really surprise me.
  8. Shipment ended up in Boston. After many calls and some screaming FedEx delivered the guitar at Midnight Friday night. I was tired but anxious to see what is was like. I was first disappointed with the color, it was less ambered from the pictures online. It is still very nice and I'll have to get used to it. Acoustically it is vey lively in my hands. Compared to my 2001 LP Classic there is not much difference at low volumes but when I cranked the amp it really came alive. I dont think the price difference is really justified but I am glad I now have one of these historics.Sorry no pictures, I am tired of not being able to easily post pictures here.
  9. FedEx shipment stuck in Memphis. They left me waiting and waiting with no email. I had to call 4 times to finally get an answer.
  10. Guitar is arriving today, looking forward to being "Wowed" hopefully.
  11. Looking forward to getting this soon, hopefully by Columbus Day weekend which is my birthday.
  12. I am going to finally get one of these. I have always regarded these as marketing hype so this will be an expensive experiment. It seems this one has all the bases covered except an actual Brazilian fretboard. https://www.musician...L4MF-adType^PLA
  13. I have considered putting one in my D12-28 also.
  14. I have noticed the Lyric does have a compressed aspect to it. If I strum really hard volume doesn't increase. They describe this in the specs as a special circuit that I suppose helps reduce feedback.
  15. Yes me too, My growing collection keeps me preoccupied with comparisons and contrasts. No 2 of my 9 acoustics sound alike.
  16. I haven't used mine in a live gig yet. I just have used it in my studio. Did you have the LR Baggs Venue Preamp? It has circuits to help with feedback.
  17. Wow, that is real nice. I just got an Advanced Jumbo and it is becoming my favorite guitar. I have been wanting a maple guitar and would love to try one of those. I imagine they are rare. Mine is comparable to my HD-28 with Standard Bracing, but isn't as bassy and has more mid and high projection which is what I really love. Contrary to what many think, the Wide X bracing of the AJ is nothing like Martin's Forward Shifted X Bracing. Forward Shifted makes the top looser for more bass and low volume responsiveness but with less punch and headroom. My D-42 is like this. The Wide X Bracing of the AJ is very stiff, like Martin's Standard Bracing, which gives a tighter sound with more headroom when strummed hard. If you strum a Froward Shifted top hard it gets mushy and distorted. Congrats on the new Axe.
  18. I had an SJ-200 Standard for 1 week last year. I loved the Anthem. I like this better though without an undersaddle element and that big preamp box.
  19. I got the LR Baggs Venue Preamp yesterday to smooth out the honkiness of the factory installed Lyric mic in my Advanced Jumbo. It sounds really great and natural. It did take some drastic EQing to get rid of the honking. I applied the 8% Rewards from the purchase of the AJ towards this and a Peterson Tuner. It was like an early Christmas yesterday. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-advanced-jumbo-herringbone-limited-edition-acoustic-electric-guitar?src=3GOA4D1A#productDetail https://www.lrbaggs.com/pickups/lyric-acoustic-guitar-microphone https://www.lrbaggs.com/preamps-di/venue-di-acoustic-preamp http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/peterson-stroboplus-hd?pdpSearchTerm=peterson
  20. I almost sold mine to buy the 1938 SJ-200, glad I made other arrangements. They compliment each other perfectly. The WC with Sitka is full and bassy with nice treble and the SJ is tight and focused with more treble and punch, it has a Adirondack top.
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