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  1. Just got this one guys! 2005 es335 dot figured...been in the case most of its life! Owned by an elderly gentleman collector! She’s dead mint!
  2. Hey guys! NGD for me! 2005 es335 that’s been virtually unplayed and has been in its case for almost 15 years! Owned by an elderly gentleman that was a collector liquidating some of his guitars. Gorgeous flame on this one!
  3. Good question! Yeah the guard was from Taylor Mullins at holter pick guards and it’s a beauty. As for the guitar being dry I usually always keep it at 45-50% humidity so I’m not sure if that would be a factor.
  4. Hey guys, Thanks again for all the input. I wonder if the guard had been installed using some water to push out the air would you still see the areas where the adhesive didn’t contact with the valleys of the soundboard so to speak. Perhaps as someone else mentioned on here using glue instead of the 3M adhesive backing as an alternative? Anyhow I figure I’ll either live with it or go ahead and remove/ redo it myself.
  5. Hey guys, I recently had my guitar setup with a local luthier and had him swap out the pickguard for a new firestripe while he had it...figured I’d leave it to the professionals. Upon getting home though I noticed what looks like air trapped under the guard. Any thoughts? Or is this how it should look after installing it? https://postimg.cc/5jgS18sQ https://postimg.cc/xqn3W63S
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  7. Thanks for all the comments fellas! Had to sell another to acquire the 45 but this one is definitely a keeper!
  8. Hey guys! Just wanted to share my new baby! New to me 2012 J45TV, it’s a hell of a guitar!
  9. Hey guys, Came across this little beauty on the web today. Has anyone heard anything about this one?? https://www.tfoa.eu/en/gibson-gibson-lg2-series-vintage-vs-2018.html
  10. I played a D18 a couple of weeks ago at my local guitar shop and i have to say it haunts my dreams! lol Definitely lusting for one of those babies eventually!
  11. Hey Dan, That's what I figured! Beautiful guitar all the same.
  12. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows if Gibson issued the standard J35 in a sunburst finish? I popped in to a local L&M yesterday and played one yesterday that sounded absolutely fantastic. Immediately I was thinking it was a collectors edition but the top definitely didn't have the adi wide grain and it was also sporting the white button tuners. Has anyone else seen or played one of these? Price tag $2250
  13. Mine sounds great...its the real deal for sure. Incredible value.
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