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  1. Family first. A crapload of guitars second.
  2. led head

    New guitar!

    :- I Want That Axe!!! she's a beaute!
  3. Mostly, I like the versitilaty, because I play country, metal, blues, all that. but it's also my first REAL Gibby Paul! I love the looks of it too!
  4. Well, I'm gonna buy a guitar, Gibson (duh), and I kinda like the les paul studio. what can you tell me and should I go for it?
  5. I just got a new email account and need to switch it over, so i go to MY PROFILE, go to EDIT PROFILE type in my new one, and when I click SAVE, it goes back to my old one, no change#-o ! same on my epi forum account. what can I do????
  6. I just don't like the special. It was an option... but i do NOT like the special.
  7. i know what all yall are sayin, but i kinda like this epi... it has the same feel to it as this gibby, but still... it's a gibson!
  8. I can see that. I'm kinda leanin toward the gibby anyway. thanks
  9. Help me out. Please post which is your favorite. I was lucky enough to find both of these for the same price.
  10. gibson people! please bring them back!!!!!!!! i LOVE that guitar!
  11. I can't decide which one to buy. i don't want to buy the gibson because it is a better deal, or something like that...
  12. even if he doesn't use it, still a damn good guitar!
  13. go for it! it's a good deal i think.
  14. personally,it's not my favorite, but its still sweeeeeeet.
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