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  1. I posted my Epi's back in December and soon after modified and updated all three of them with new electrics. Man do I love these 3 babies. They're current guise and with the new addition to my electrics 'Harem' (The Gibby Fireburst) Cheers Paul
  2. Hey JC, Love you're Goldtop man. Looks nice and tidy without the p/guard. Reminds me of my first LP, a used Ibanez goldtop my dad got me for my 15th b/day. When I cleaned her up she came up just like yours. Beautiful!! Love those SG's with Maestro's. They just don't look quite finished without them. Cheers Paul
  3. Awesome!!! That is a lovely girl. (check those curves) I've got the 2006 LTD Custom with Maestro and it's a beauty. A present from the missus in 2008. I made a few mods also; Gibson BB Pros, Gotoh bridge, completely rewired electrics, pots and switches and new control knobs. Definitely a keeper. Paul
  4. I'm pleased for you, Congrats on a great guitar. Enjoy. My wife was checking one of these Cherry G400's and comparing it with a Gibson SG Standard. She prefered the look of the Epi's Finish but the neck and balance of the Gibby was better. She eventually opted for a Vox SDC33 Goldtop. Not bad for a beginner and her first guitar. I've put the Vox on Layby for her at $659. It feels as good as the Gibby, looks elegant and smoothe and, above all, it weighs barely 6 lbs. The Epi was going for over $740 and that clinched the Vox deal for me. I hope she really sticks with it.
  5. Unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of a new Quingdao Epi. My last Epi bought is a Korean model Explorer. I hear they're getting better and more consistant daily so I have to go with that for now. I hope that in the near future I can find that special one, just made for me. Cheers Paul
  6. Congrats Laurie, HNGTopD. Beautiful 57 Gold top man. Enjoy!!! Paul :D
  7. Here's one that's been on Ebay Aus. for a while. $599 plus postage. Item number: 360403144945 Wouldn't mind this one for myself. Paul
  8. Love those new Genesis (can't decide which colour I prefer), I would've prefered the case interior in a beautiful red rather than orange. Just my 2c worth Brian. Paul
  9. ++++ You tell 'em BB. I'll second that. Best bang for buck out there in electric guitars. PERIOD!! Paul
  10. Hey Doug, A Gibson SG Custom with Maestro is in the $3,500+ range. My G400 Custom with Maestro was $780 plus 2 Gibson Burstbucker Pros ($210)and electrics upgrades (aprox $100) equals $1,080. That's a $2,400 difference in 2 guitars that are essentially the same. (If I had to do it again, I would fit 57 Classics instead. A few extra $$$ but I prefer the tones.) My Epiphone G400 Custom with Maestro A Gibson SG Custom with Maestro 'Spot the difference' The Epi is a better bang for your $$$$$ IMHO. Cheers Paul
  11. Hey Bill, Yeah she's a keeper for sure. She's very easy on the eye and YES, it's hard to take my eyes off her. I'm not done personalizing her yet so she's still out of her case. I'm hoping to have her all done by the end of the week, with a new set of strings to boot. Cheers Paul
  12. Hey CC, You can't go wrong with 57 classics on the neck and 57 Classics Plus on the bridge. They have that beautiful 50's Humbucker tone. 57 Classics are a little $$$$$ but, they will make your ES-175 sing they way she was meant to. You might also consider changing your pots to CTS and putting some nice 0.0022 PIO capacitors on. They'll help open up those 57's. Good luck Paul
  13. Hey Alan, the 490T I installed are in the middle position and as such only comes on with the Bridge 57+ p/up when I flick the selector switch. It's wired directly to the switch rather than to a volume pot. The 490T also came with 4 wires rather than the braided ones that are factory fitted. I can't give you a comparison now as I would have to take the guitar apart again. When I installed it I tested it individually on the LP before I installed the 57s and I found them to be pretty sweet and fairly articulate, much like the 498T but without as much of that midrange scoop the 498T has wit
  14. Congratulations OH, very nice indeed. HNGD Paul
  15. HaHaHa!!! Congrats JD. You sound like I did 'bout 8 years ago when I bought my BB3. I can just picture that grin on your face. I'm so pleased for you buddy. Glad you're wait was worth it and I know it's everything you'd hoped for in a Les Paul Custom. HNGD Enjoy mate. Paul
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