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  1. I agree with you 100% Country music is NOT country music anymore - at least not the way we knew it. Its more rock than anything. Music has changed so much in the past years. One of the reason's why my brother and I shut the doors of our studio. Another reason is that many hopefuls that would have come through our doors can do their own demo recordings at home. Sorry, got off topic. Anyway, as much as country music has changed, we can still have a good library of the past giants, and Mr. Tubbs was certainly one of them.
  2. He was awesome. Here he is singing one of his most famous hits (I think it was his - could be wrong) playing that very Epi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWmbFXJDHrM Here he is playing Walk Across Texas. He's not playing his Epi, but notice his lead guitarist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK_qrg4Jz20&list=RDnWmbFXJDHrM
  3. Thanks for your help guys. I lean more toward a warmer sound so I guess the scale is tipping in the Hummers favor. I'm hoping to get out to GC today to have a look see. Cheers Wayne
  4. I'm new to acoustic, as all my playing revolves around solid body electrics. Recently I was looking at the Epiphone AJ-220S for my wife, but put in on hold due to her wanting to put her focus on learning piano. So that's on the shelf for the time being. For myself, I'm looking at a few electric acoustics, and two of the models I'm eyeing are the Hummingbird and the Dove. I'm hoping to have a look at then next week, but I'm wondering what the differences are between the two. Can anyone assist me with this please? Cheers Wayne
  5. It would appear then that the 339 is not available. The only model I can find other than the pro is the Ultra-339 with ProBucker 2 and 3 pups. So you can still get the 339 with the ProBuckers. http://www.musicians...electric-guitar PS. It still comes in cherry, the Ultra that is. Cheers Wayne
  6. That is deffinately something I would suggest as well. After reading all the responses I would have to concur that the problem is most likely with your amp. You mentioned that your guitar was imported. Did you order online then? Is there a store near where you live where you can take your guitar and test out the amps they have out on the floor? Next step would be to ask a tech in the store (if they have one) to check it all out for you. I hope you get it all resolved soon, and welcome to the neighborhood.
  7. I'm hoping that this is where I send a personal message. Thanks for the into on the Bigsby. Could you give that info you mentioned on the seller in Canada. Thanks.

  8. I went to their website and pulled it up. I've been looking around on it alot before deciding on the Plain Top, but I honestly don't remember seeing it until now. I hope my local GC gets one in sometime. Love to see it.
  9. It's interesting you should say that. In the past before I started playing again in the past few weeks, I played Teles. I have to admit that the Teles are not anywhere as versitile as the Les Pauls. I'm really excited about the sound I get from the Standard Plain top I recently purchased for my wife. I'm sold on these Epi's. A huge bang for the buck. I honestly can't see paying the prices they are asking for Gibson's. Anyway, I don't see myself going back to a Tele, unless some kind soul gives me one .
  10. No Kidding they should have kept that going. That's beautiful. Do you know when they made those? What does it sound like, compared to the Mahogany? I'm going to check into that. Great finish. Would you mind posting more pictures if you can? That's a keeper. Edit: I was thinking that this model was solid maple. Come to think of it, perhaps this isn't the case? Maple top/cap on mahogany with a finish that shows off that beautiful maple. Again, I assume that this is the case.
  11. You're right. That does have nice tone. Great tone as a matter of fact. Does anyone know the model? My wife and I were looking at something similar to it at GC last night.
  12. Where can one get a copy of that? I know this is a stupid question. Two factories . . . one Gibson, one Epiphone. They can't be producing Gibson's out of the Gibby plant, can they?
  13. I was excited to come across this information this morning. Perhaps you folks have seen this, and if it's been posted before (I couldn't find any post) I apologize. The serial number on my Plain Top shows that it was made at the Gibson Qingdao Factory in China. The factory is dedicated to the production of Epis. The story of the factory is quite interesting. In my travels through Asia I was impressed with the fact that they put a very high value on education and work ethics. Would I trust products made there . . . you bet your sweet bippy I do. http://www.epiphone.com/news.asp?NewsID=868
  14. WOW!!! That is one of the most beautiful guitars I've ever laid my eyes on. I've parted ways with many a good guitar over the years, but that is one that I would never part with . . . so how much do you want for it anyway? Just kidding. Super review.
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