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  1. About the intonation, the guitar has an extra fret just ahead of the nut: Should i measure from this fret or the nut? i'm not sure if the strings break over this fret. The nut to the 12th fret comes up as 31 cm. But the original position of the bridge seems to have been at 65 rather than 62 cm. I don't remember having ever had any intonation issues, so which value should i position the bridge at? Thanks
  2. 'Fraid not man. The most I can do is watch some demo videos. Try those out too if you can and haven't already, they are often quite informative when you can't get your hands on the actual guitar.
  3. It's amazing how biased i am to color, that looks amazing!
  4. You might have some trouble finding aftermarket Sidewinders. As far as i know Gibson only offers them in their Les Paul and SG Futura models. That said, it might be a good choice among P90s but i can't say whether it'll be good for classic rock as you mentioned. Cheers
  5. Archtop acoustics… are they that uncommon?... And what about the tuners? Will they be held in place somewhat by the string tension? Because i don't want to take it to the guitar place, the guys there are pr___s I'll try and attach a sampling video after i clean it up today but i might have to leave you guys to make the judgements about its tone :P
  6. You also might want to consider the nut if the bridge isn't the issue. From the complexity of the issue it sounds like the bridge though. Just my two cents, i haven't had nut issues myself but seen others complaint about them. Cheers and hope you resolve this
  7. Sorry about that, I was completely joking My point was that it might not be apt to call the PRS dull and i personally don't think that it is at all. I agree that the Strat is undoubtedly a great guitar icon and agree with you in every one of your points. And I'm sure many people dislike Strats for whatever logical or illogical reasons. Hope there is no misinterpretation of my statement and I apologize for the same.
  8. Haha I'm not at all in a position to buy another guitar, least of all a full-spec LP. But i don't particularly mind the 2014 Sig either.
  9. Yep… Givson seems to be an Indian-specific guitar maker, not known for their excellent quality.
  10. Do you mean the F-holes and thin body? Thats the only reason i loved it... It sounded a bit warmer and rounder than acoustics i had played before… but that might just be the strings that were on it
  11. 'Less Paul'? Is that an unfortunate typo or alternative marketing? :P
  12. mKwatra427

    SG Classic

    Dont Bigsbies look so much better on Gibsons than Floyd Roses :D And P90s on an SG… [lol] Love it!
  13. Good job its his favorite guitar then, he probably isn't looking for a good price!
  14. Probably not an SG ergo probably not a Gibson ergo probably not from the late '60s. Might be a good guitar. Best indicator of how much its worth- how much are they asking for it? The case seems an original…. Gibson case? Pics would help too
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