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  1. I had a luthier change my tuners on a Dot, and they came out wonky like that. I don't like the effect at all. I think the former owner just changed tuners using existing screw holes.
  2. Sweetwater is getting some ebony colored DCs in.
  3. Just got an email that shows a new Epiphone Les Paul double cut.
  4. I waited for a long time for a LP in root beer finish. Gibson made Studio LP in root beer, but I never saw one from Epiphone. I eventually bought an Agile LP in root beer.
  5. Make the f-holes into diamonds and you can call it the "Trini Lopez Casino".
  6. Don't they also have lacquer instead of urethane?
  7. I wonder what trolls did before there was an Internet. Write crap on the inside of bathroom stalls?
  8. Oh Lord, Epiphone has resorted to using photos instead of finished wood for their caps? Is there any way to determine which Epiphone models are now using photographs instead of maple?
  9. I like it. If it were an Ibanez, it would look like Tequila Sunrise.
  10. It's great to see your iconic avatar again, Sledge! It still scares me a bit.
  11. Reminds me of my 1965 Gibson ES 335. So sorry that I sold that one! My father was beside himself. Very nice guitar, here.
  12. I do! I really hate seller's regret, so I hang on to everything!
  13. As I recall, we both bought ours from that same place the same week.
  14. A real beauty. About 12 years ago, I saw some of these new from Japan on ebay, and I immediately got one. With a Gibson headstock, I thought it might have been a counterfeit, but one of the knowledgeable guys on the forum told me it was 100% legit. Enjoy your new beauty.
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