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  1. Thank you sir... And you can keep your woodies to yourself thanks ;)

  2. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Woman?

  3. The best way to change the world is with random acts of kindness

  4. I wonder if the cost of buying your stairway to heaven has gone up in the recession? :)

  5. How can you have any pudding if ya don't eat your meat!!!

  6. Dust, Wind, DUUUUUUUDEEEE!

  7. I wise man once said.. Any more than a handfull is a waste :)

  8. Sometimes some people hear with their eyes

  9. Anyone that says "im first" on a forum or site is stupid !! :P

  10. I no longer want my MTV

  11. "I held the blade in trembling hands prepared to make it but.... just then the phone rang, I never had the nerve to make the Final Cut!" Pink Floyd

  12. "Im the one thats going to have to die when its time for me to die. So let me live my life, the way I WANT TOO" Jimi Hendrix

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