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  1. Dear Mr. Henry J, I have owned many Gibson Guitars through the 40+ years I have been playing. (see list below) I have always been comforted by the fact that when I wanted a new one I could rely on the always familiar feel of you guitars. I can live with 12th fret banners and holograms and such, but I can tell you how disappointed I was when I got a 2015 in my hand and realized it felt like every Ibanez, Charvel and such neck I've ever held. How did you think we wanted that? Are you trying to force me over to the custom shop? I would love one but I just cant spend that kind of money on a guitar I would be taking into venues. I have a hard enough time bringing the $2000 axe much less a $6500 one????? I ask this question....WHY????????
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  3. I guess you either of you have never played a 59' burst??? I have. About 8.4 lbs. A 58 Custom 3 pickup. Under 9 LBS! I can't for the life of me figure how anyone can equal boat anchor with a good guitar. The guitars got heavier as the old wood with less minerals in it was used up. So if you are under 45 you grow up with the 70's 12lb Norland anchor Pauls. Had a 78 custom that was over 12lbs. Very unresponsive. It's all about personal preference. I wish I had a 8 1/2 pound '59, but that will never happen. I do though have a 11' Studio that is chambered and has a unique tone, and a 12" Trad Pro with swiss cheese that sustains for days. The lesson is "Buy what makes you happy!!!"
  4. I put locking grover 108 kidney beans on all my pauls. No screws. Just turn and it locks! Also 18:1 ratio for a fine tune..
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