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  1. I'm not Jimi, but this is a wonderful song that is great fun to play! I play my 2011 LP Custom thru a Mesa Mark 5:35, using a loop pedal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5hkGPhpfyo //Robert
  2. Wash It All Away! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9VFg44H2z8
  3. Me and my Les Pauls would like to wish you all the best for the coming holidays and that you get to spend some time with your families and friends! //Robert
  4. Thanks guys! Some of you made comments about my settings, remember that I only had it for a few days... My band play mainly blues and blues rock. I found out that if you drive the clean channel with max gain and add the feature Mid boost, you get a really nice punchy bluesy tone, especially with the neck pickup. On channel 2, I got great advice from the dealer. You can start by putting all tone controls to zero, then turn the gain up (in my case to low gain), listen to the sound, then turn the bass knob up. Just add a small piece of treble and mid. Wow, the sound really thickens up into heavy, creamy distortion. Very picking sensitive, gorgeous! //Robert
  5. Got a new friend: Mesa Boogie Mark V:35 combo, some wine red custom color. Played her with the band first time last night, sounded great! Any other Mesa players on this forum? //Robert
  6. My Laney LC30 has been my main amp since 1997. //Robert
  7. Sabredog, The most significant difference is that the guitar stays in tune now also over night, with the Min E-Tune it always needed serious tuning when it has been left alone for a while. I was a bit worried about weight since I read somewhere in this forum about someone who had put them all on a scale and noticed that my chosen tuners were heavier that the auto-system. No reason, I cannot feel any weight difference. You shouldn't have to worry. //Robert
  8. I have used Elixir on my acoustics for years, love them. Tried a 10-46 set on my LP last year, didn't like them at all, felt stiff and dull, had to take them off... //Robert
  9. The most annoying fact is that this thread got more than 140 posts...
  10. Addictive - indeed, since I bought my first one four years ago, I have spent most of my spare time playing! //Robert
  11. Thanks! Tried that, by making the shop where I bought it contact the European agent. They say that since Gibson sold the company making the system, they will stick to the legal one year warranty only. Could be an option to buy one tuner anyway, not sure though if it makes it more sellable or how well it will work after some time in the drawer... //Robert
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