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  1. I bought my LP Classic from American Musical Supply online. I got lucky and got a nice one, at a good price, its a great piece of wood. I've had more trouble with a lone star strat I bought at a music store.
  2. I think the fact that they are overrated doesn't stop them from being genius. Whether it floats your boat or not, I don't think one can write and perform music that appeals to SO MANY people and not be genius. I think the fact that it became so cliche is evidence of its genius. I didn't really like it much at the time, and I still can't listen all the way through a Nirvana album.
  3. very nice how it goes from "it" to "she" during your narrative!
  4. I've just about settled on BBpro's to replace the ceramic pups in my LP classic. Compared to the 498T, which also has Alnico V (as does BBpro), the BBpro's are not as high output, but are much clearer, and yes bright. Compared to the BBpro, the 498T sounds dark and muddy (to me). I can tame the treble of the BBpro with the tone control, but can't get the clarity that I want out of a 498T. Both have the nice, tight bottom end needed for palm muted chugging, but the BBpro is more versatile, IMO. The BB3's have Alnico 2 mags, and are higher output (louder) than BBpros, and are sweeter, but
  5. I've an old KMD combo amp with a solid state pre-amp and tube power, its pretty gnarly.
  6. Hi StijnV, Thanks for your reply. My Studio has an ebony fretboard, and was built in 1991, according to the S/N (91631400). The neck pickup has a Gibson USA logo, and the specs you attached lead me to believe it would have come with a 498T in the bridge, on which I also expected a gibson USA logo, rather than the patent number stamped. Isn't the DC resistance a little high for a PAF type? Should I conclude that sometime before I acquired the guitar the bridge pickup was swapped with an older patent number pickup, or is it possible that it came from the factory that way?
  7. I'm currently working on this rule and hope to be a fully annointed member soon!
  8. 1991 Studio, ebony board. It had Gotoh tuners on it when I got it, and I've put superpots and RS Guitarcaps wired it push pull for series/parallel with SD Alnico II Pros on it.
  9. I received a '91 LP Studio for my birthday. Not really sure who owned it previously. The bridge pickup was quite microphonic at live band volumes (but sounded great at bedroom volumes), so I took it out and replaced it. The '91 studio should have a 498T in the bridge. The DC resistance of this pickup is 14.26K. Did Gibson make 498Ts with the patent number stamp on them?
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