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  1. I attempted to change out the pickups on my 97 Sheraton with a set of SD 59's but the bridge pickup is way off, string-spacing wise. It looks as though these particular pickups have the same pole piece spread on both the bridge and neck PU, which is 49.2 mm. Is this normal for SD's? The bridge pickup is so far off the high E and B strings are not over a pole, but the neck PU is fine. I notice the spacing on the old pickups has the bridge pickup with a wider pole spread and in looking at other HB sets that seems to be normal. I'm aware that this topic has likely been discussed but a qui
  2. I'll jump on this thread as my question is similar. Traded for this today and I'm trying to date it. Not a G by E headstock, but it does have "Gibson" on the truss rod cover and the serial number is not an actual sticker. No serial number is on the tag inside the guitar, it has a large bridge. I'm thinking February of 1987?
  3. Nice, congratulations! I hope you enjoy it for many years to come!
  4. Interesting, great comparison. I took my Stage Deluxe Rosewood to a small jam Monday, also present were an early 70's D-35 and a recent D28-vs. The SDR more than held its own and had a much fuller tone, no problem with projection. The Martin guys were impressed.
  5. Enjoyed that very much!
  6. Intriguing guitars, it will be interesting to see what you think of it.
  7. Jon is still there but I've always dealt with Lance. I don't think this shop has much turnover and just a few guys work there. It's sort of a "throwback" of a store...great vibe and they are always happy to let you play the guitars all you want.
  8. Couple more. E.M. Shorts is a great shop, I enjoy hanging out there and playing all the guitars. They also had a nice maple J-185 that sounded really good.
  9. It's been a busy weekend and I just now had a few moments to change strings and polish her up a bit. Up until about two weeks ago I wouldn't have considered a 12 fret Gibson, but man...what a great sounding and playing guitar! Looking forward to getting to know this one better!
  10. I stopped in at my local guitar store, E.M. Shorts, a few weeks back and fell head over heels for this guitar. I had to have it so after parting with some other pieces and praying no one else would buy it I pulled the trigger today. Later tonight I'll change strings and give it good run through. Huge, booming sound. Amazing. Nice companion to my Woody Guthrie SJ. They still have another of the same model on their sales floor, they were surprised they hadn't sold yet but said this type of guitar wasn't everybody's cup of tea. These two and one at Wildwood were the only new ones I coul
  11. I was just in this store today, they are a 5 Star dealer and have a great selection. I'm fortunate to have this store close by but I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them online. Lance Threet is my guy there, he always does me right.
  12. Haven't been on here in a while, and this is the first post when I peeked in the morning. Very sad to hear, as others have said he was a very knowledgeable, helpful and kind man. Prayers to his family and may he rest in peace.
  13. Just picked up my second Traditional, a 2008 Gold top on ebay. My first was a 2013 Caramel Burst...I still want one in Ebony. I've had the 2013 for just over 6 months now, loving it more every time I play it.
  14. Beautiful guitar, congrats!
  15. I top wrap on my 2003 Epiphone Elitist LP Custom and on my newly acquired Les Paul Traditional. Both of the guitars also have Tone Pros bridges and tailpieces. I can tell a difference in sound and feel on both guitars. I have a Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute with Humbuckers, and I didn't care for the top wrap on that guitar. Again it was down to sound and feel. Some people swear that there is no difference and maybe there isn't. Maybe there is. I don't know about all the physics and string break and all that, I just know I like those guitars strung that way.
  16. Received this via e-mail from MV yesterday: Tempting...
  17. I'd only had my J45 about 6 months when I stumbled onto a Woody SJ. 5 minutes in and I knew I had to have it...I worked out a trade with an Epiphone archtop I had and in about a week it was mine. I've had it right at a year now and still love playing it and the J45. I'm not sure how to describe it, the 2 guitars are a lot alike but very different in vibe and sound. The J45 works better for strumming and singing, and the SJ is better for more of a flatpicking style and old-time music. My brother plays old fiddle tunes and the SJ is the best guitar I have to accompany him. The tone is perf
  18. #4...If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. I just did the same thing, 2013 Traditional in Caramel Burst. I've had it going on two weeks now, love it but still getting to know it. It's my first "real" Les Paul...I'm 51 and have been playing since I was 8. It's worth the wait.
  19. I have a new Caramel Burst Traditional arriving Monday, 10 lbs 6 oz. Looking forward to it!
  20. I've used Shubb's for ten years or so, I have the deluxe roller one as well as the one with the delrin point. The deluxe roller model works a bit better for me but both are fine. I also made a partial out of one of the delrin models, it works fine too. When I bought my Woody SJ the guy threw in a Paige capo. I have to admit it works well. I'm not worried about denting the guitar, but I have to watch how tight the tension is because it will affect the tuning if it's too tight. Same with the Shubb's. Same with every adjustable capo.
  21. Recent travels have taken me to a couple fine vintage guitar stores this past month, Gruhn's in Nashville and Eric Schoenberg's near San Francisco. I've had three banner Gibbys in hands, a 1943 J45 and LG-2 at Gruhn's and a 1943 LG-2 at Schoenberg's. Tonally, all three were great sounding and playing guitars...the two at Gruhn's were set up with pretty low action, lower than what I have on my two modern Gibsons. Even with the low action they played fine with no buzzes. What surprised me was the size of the necks. I've read descriptions about baseball bat necks, thick necks, etc. but
  22. Right now my acoustics each have coated strings on them, Elixirs, Martin SP Lifespans and D'Addario EXPs. They work for me - easier on the fingers, last longer and they cut down on that dreaded screechy finger noise. It seems the guitars pick the strings they like...the J45 likes the Martins and the SJ likes D'Addarios.
  23. That's my belief as well. I missed the earlier discussions about acoustics being affected, interesting. I didn't get either my J45 or Woody SJ till later in 2012. Glad they were back to regular wood by then.
  24. I have the older Fishman in my Taylor, it has more control than the Baggs but it has the big preamp in the side of the guitar. No way that would fly on my Gibsons. The Baggs Element works OK, but I run them through a Fishman Aura preamp/DI.
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