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  1. I had a similar problem a few years ago with a '60s SG after fitting new hardware and the problem in that instance turned out to be very simple. The tailpiece through-holes were too tight and the "G" was initially catching just short of the stopper and slowly slipping as I bent it, putting it out, occasionally with the same little "ping" you mentioned. I ran a small drill through all the holes and had no more problems... Hope this helps
  2. Not quite as sexy as a Gold Top with cigarette burn just below the low E tuner ;)
  3. Love the idea of using the chalk???... (I might steal it at some time!) Unusual finishes are always risky. That's what's so cool about them. If it doesnt take b***s and a certain amount of blind faith (sorry Eric) it aint worth doing!!
  4. The best thing about getting your hands dirty is that a huge chunk of you gets imprinted on the guitar and however it turns out, It always feels better than stock
  5. I don't think the SG has ever been less popular, but I think it falls short of the LP when fitted with P90s, because the LPs denser body mass seems to suit them better. I do think there's an expectation that the LP must be better because it's more expensive, but I don't subscribe to that theory either. My 1983 Kalamazoo "The SG" which was marketed as a budget model with a "Dirty Fingers" in the bridge position may just be the best sounding and playing guitar I've ever owned and my '68 Cherry was easilly in the top four... If I had to choose just two guitars to last me until I die it would be those two. No question. No regrets.
  6. I'm going to have to put a "how it happened" thread up somewhere, because it took so many different techniques and experimental stupidity to get there....
  7. Glad you like it. The black and outline is carved in with a single wire pyrography tool, Then airbrushed. The chrome has been stripped down to nickel, plated with copper and then etched away again (all on the kitchen worktop) to give a "antique" finish
  8. Give me another 72 Strat and I'll lick your boots clean for a year! Teles seem to be quite consistant throughout the last 40 years in my opinion, but Strats are something else.... I've found every Strat I've owned (around a dozen) to be noticably different in one way or another ... Even if they were made in the same year, in the same factory???... You can find absolute heaven and annoyingly ordinary amongst any batch in my personal experience.
  9. Septic

    Buying new guitar

    Try everything you can, because even the cheapest, nastiest manufacturers occasionally serve up something exquisite sounding without meaning to... The only problem with cheapos is that if you line 1000 up in a row, they'll all be different... 900 will be absolute rubbish... 90 will be poor... 9 will be worth giving to a novice ... But one will be very, very nice indeed. It's the use of cheaply sourced materials and lack of quality control standards that allow these brands to flourish, but it also means that every now and then, the best bits all come together by accident... And that's magic.
  10. Nitro doesn't cure??? It hardens very quickly by evaporation, but occasionally you'll find that it can allow oil and grease from sticky fingers to permiate the surface slightly on "worn" or "faded" finishes.
  11. Well... Nobody else has done it yet... so.... Marty DiBergi: Why don't you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder? Nigel Tufnel: These go to eleven
  12. Meet Alice. My latest humble attempt at improving the (almost) perfect guitar.
  13. ALICE.. My latest attempt at improving the classic, unsurpassed (as yet) Les Paul.
  14. I've had most over the last 40 years, but I recently bought a LAG Arkane on impulse.. I'm still coming to terms with the way it can produce a wider tonal range than any other guitar I've played... With the pot rolled down to about seven it reaches right the way from soft, round bluesy, molasses drenched "Lucille", through tight percussive, Joe Pass precision and even a really, really bright "ringing" 50s broadcaster "unpotted" twang.... Then you roll the volume up to 8/9 and "Black Dog" begs to be let off the leash while "Layla" appears in the background until the pot hits the stop at ten and the windings drive tubes as well as any "off the shelf" passive axe in the shops.... And No.... I dont work for them, or have any link to the company... I just feel slightly sad that Gibson produce nothing that even approaches that huge landscape of tone...
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