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  1. Keep ya head up leoPaul422. You're like the William Hung of the forum.

  2. Cool! One of my bandmates had one of those. Anyways loved those Gretsch solid bodies.
  3. Voted for the Who but my favorite is the Allman Bros. live at the Fillmore.
  4. Very nice! Peavey makes excellent equipment. I have 3 of their amps.
  5. In no particular order: Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, 335, Gibson/Kramer FR422, Kramer American Showster, Kramer Stagemaster, Kramer ProAxe, Kramer SC3, Gibson 1275 Doubleneck
  6. What happened to the rest of the Kramer players?
  7. Yes Zeppelin was a better Blues Band and they were arguably better musicians, but what really set the Beatles apart was songwriting.
  8. I'm an Ole Miss Grad and I've been a Saints Fan since Archie played for them. I'd love to see the Saints in the Super Bowl in New Orleans, but they have an uphill battle. My other favorite is of course Eli's NY Giants. Other than those 2 teams, I don't really care, but I guess I'd favor Peyton's Broncos since he is Archie's boy and Eli's brother.
  9. Beatles. IMHO, no other band comes close. Clapton may have been better than Harrison. Entwistle may have been better than McCartney. Townsend may have been better than Lennon, Plant may have been a better singer than McCartney, and Bonham and Baker were better than Ringo, but as a group no band was better than the Beatles. And none were better songwriters than Lennon/McCartney!
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