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  1. Very nice - are the nighthawk's as good as the reviews say??
  2. Thanks for the info folks - just ordered - will let you know how I get on
  3. Best lp so far on this thread
  4. I don't think I have a preference - although I have my epi les paul wired out of phase - mid position gets a fair bit of play
  5. trelf

    New Firebird

    That's soooooooooo pretty
  6. Depends how many bass players get stuck on the island as well
  7. Vintage Thomas Blug strat Line 6 Flextone FX1 Morley bad horsie FX2 Danelectro reel echo FX3 Danelectro spring king Accessory - mudslide
  8. Sounds good - this is hopefully what I'm ordering (funds permitting!) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bigsby-B7-Tremolo-and-Vibramate-V7-LP-Adapter-Set-b-7-/160938080747?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2578a839eb#ht_335wt_975
  9. What about Yngwie going bonkers? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MbIljQfqKDI
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