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  1. I actually traded in an OM-18V to get an L-00 Pro a couple years back. I loved the OM-18V, but that mod V neck was hurting my hand. I can attest that the L-00 Pro neck is nothing like the OM-18V. The L-00 Pro is very easy on my hands and I play it all the time. There is a huge difference in the tone of these two guitars, though. The OM-18V is very rich and full, while the L-00 Pro offers a very snappy, midrangy tone. I was completely comfortable with the difference, because when playing fingerpicked blues, I could hear the notes just pop out of that Gibson. Also important to consider - the L-00 Pro is an excellent guitar to use solo or with another instrument, but if you try to use it in a band context, it doesn't have quite the power you might want. The OM-18V, to me, was an incredibly versatile guitar, but I just couldn't deal with my fretting hand aching afterward. The short scale of the Gibson also really helps out with those issues. Hope this helps. Oh, one more thing. The L-00 Pro comes with a baggs Element pickup. I never use it, though, because the one I have is way out of balance. It sounds great on the low E and A, but the high E and B strings barely come through and have a very annoying echoing tone. It's the one thing I don't like. One day I am going to replace it with a K&K, because I really like the guitar. If I use it at a gig, it's when I play solo and I just mic it.
  2. When just using mics, I go with an SM-81. Plugged in, it's my H&D CM with its K&K pure mini pickup through a little K&K preamp right into a Mackie 808M mixer. For quite a while, I used the H&D straight into a Crate Gunnison, which went through the Mackie. I like the idea of carrying as little gear as possible, so the Crate has been just sitting. I'm hanging on to it, though, because I may use it for gigs in small rooms where I can plug a vocal mic in it. I hate the pickup in my L-00 Pro, so I never plug that in. The E and B strings have very little volume and way too many annoying echoing overtones. One day I will have that baggs element ripped out and replaced with a K&K. I have an active iBeam in my D-28 and was using that with the baggs ParaDI. Unfortunately, I accidently fried the ParaDI. It was too complicated to get a good tone at high volume anyway. The D-28 will also get a K&K one day.
  3. Yes, I am aware of Gary's and have seen those instruments on his site. I was just looking for some comparative info.
  4. I haven't seen an LG-2 in SW Ohio that I recall and would like some feedback from those who own them. How do they tonally compare to an L-00? What can you reveal about the differences between the old LG-2s and the new ones?
  5. I have a Gibson L-00 Pro. My 6th string has some intonation issues. It's especially noticeable when I drop the 6th string down to D. When I get that D in tune with the 4th string then play a G chord (fretting the low G note on the 5th fret) the G note is quite sharp. If I tune the string to get the G note correct, the open D is flat. In standard tuning, the E at the 12 fret is sharp compared to the tuned open E. It has a Tusq compensated saddle. I know that on mandolins, when you get intonation problems you move the bridge forward if it's flat and back when it's sharp. It seems to me that somehow the contact point where that 6th string crosses the saddle needs to be a bit further back to correct the sharp note. Or am I off base? The question is what is the correct thing to use to alter that contact point? I'd really like to change that saddle out and for a bone one, but I am concerned about working the saddle to get the intonation correct on all the strings. I am not the most deft person with tools, but I'm thinking I should learn how to get this done myself. Any advice? I should add the saddle fits very loosely in the slot and falls out when the strings are off. It appears to be leaning forward when the strings are brought up to pitch as well. I'm wondering if that loose fit is due to that transducer in there. (The transducer barely picks up the first and second strings when plugged in. Low strings it's quite loud.)
  6. For all those frustrations, I can only say it took me years to learn to accept my limitations and use them to my benefit. And also I wasn't as good as I thought I was and I wasn't as bad as I thought I was. When the zone comes around, it is never expected and can't be planned. You just ride it and when it ends, be thankful it happened.
  7. I use both coated and uncoated strings. I like both for different reasons. When it's summertime here in SW Ohio, uncoated strings are grabby and go dead in no time. I prefer D'Addario EXP16s. I like the smooth feel they provide and in the humid summer, they really help keep my hands moving. I also like the ring of uncoated strings. I just don't like how quick I can kill them. I used Elixirs several years back, but didn't like the way the coating would peel off like a molting snake. I like the way EXPs have the coating on the wrap, rather than over the string. But I am not going to criticize anyone over something like their string preference. Everyone has their choice and it's cool by me.
  8. Yeah, I like the look and sound of the Blues King for fingerpicking. They give you that mid punch thing you need for that music. Nice score.
  9. I heard that Emmy Lou asked Sheryl what instrument she wanted to play and Sheryl said, "I guess it's accordion to what song we're playing."
  10. Everybody who plays guitar should own at least one Martin and one Gibson. They are very different worlds, in good ways. D-28 and L-00 for me.
  11. I use a Shure SM-81 condenser mic on my instruments.
  12. We had a couple gigs this past weekend and I brought two guitars to each. I also play mando and uke. Friday night was my H&D CM, which is my main gigging guitar, and then the L-00 Pro. I played each about equally. The venue was very noisy and we were playing through mics. (Our bass player, who I've played with for a long, long time has severe tinnitus and can't play loud anymore, so we use mics instead of plugging in to keep our volume down for him.) We were experiencing some trouble trying to get a good mix, because everyone in the place was drinking and yelling. For whatever reason, we couldn't get the Huss' dialed in, which has never happened before. Usually, that guitar projects extremely well. I switched to the L-00 and suddenly I could hear the guitar. Saturday night, I took my old Martin D-28 and the L-00. I started with the L-00 and it sounded terrific, then for the last two songs of the first set, switched to the Martin, because the tunes were more bluegrass oriented. It was like instant mud. I love that guitar, but after hearing all those clear notes from the Gibby, I couldn't get used to the woof and boom of the Martin. It went back on the stand and I used the L-00 exclusively the rest of the night. That guitar is far more versatile than I ever imagined it would be. It's not what I would call the ideal bluegrass guitar, but one can flatpick on it to very good effect. I've had this guitar for 11 months now and the tone is really improving. Sure glad I bought it.
  13. I thought I'd heard the loudest bands after attending a lot of shows in the 70s, then my son asked me to take him to see Lamb of god and Metallica back in 2009. It was so ridiculously and painfully loud that I had to stand out in the lobby for most of the show. I was feeling drums pounding through my chest and it was very uncomfortable. I don't know how people or bands endure it. It was then I knew I'd never attend another rock show.
  14. I was very tempted to buy one at Sam Ash for $299 after I played it. The sound was very good and it played very easy. I played it for quite a long time, then I went over to Guitar Center to see what they had and played the Gibson L-00 Pro and noticed things about it that I liked a whole lot better. But for the money, the EL-00 is a great buy.
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