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  1. Looking for the one that got away. I played one on a family trip in Memphis and didn't want to drive around with it for a couple weeks; had I know, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. That guitar has the voice of an angel. If you know anyone with one for sale, drop me a line. Greg gregj_73@hotmail.com
  2. Ernie Ball Pure-Nickel Wrap Regular Slinkys. They are labled "Rock and Roll".
  3. I fell in love with a J-185 at Gibson in Memphis, I just didn't want to lug it back to Minnesota in a packed car with the kids. Unfortunately, I cannot find one locally, buying an acoustic on the internet seems like a bad idea - each one sounds different, even the same model. I really do not like the Hummingbirds/Doves, too muddy. I have yet to find a Gibson that sounded as good as that J-185. I'm looking for a clear, almost airy, tone. What I can find are a ton of Taylors, and I equally like the 414ce. I just wish I could play them side-by-side. What do you think? Get what so
  4. Sickening. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent someone from killing another when they have no concern for their own life.
  5. On the Traditional Pro II, the push-push are 500k as is the one non-switching pot. There were no markings on the switches, but the housing looks like the Gibson branded retail part. The 500k will give you less treble loss than 300k, you can use the tone knob to roll back that brightness, if desired.
  6. Although I took a few group lessons with a rented Squier Bullet in 1989, I really started in 1991 when I went to college. I bought a beat up 1978 Ibanez Musician from the local music store in Duluth, MN and used my boom box as an amplifier. I ended up purchasing a Crate 15R amp that next summer. That guitar was awesome, neck-thru, sustain machine and hot pickups. Sadly, I traded that guitar in on a MIM Strat (which was traded in for an Epi Les Paul which was traded in for my American Strat). I recently was able to purchase another Musician on eBay to replace the original, at 3 times
  7. Not quite, the "vintage" tuners are why most guitarists installed Grovers until gibson made those standard. The bridge is the standard Tune-o-matic. The Standard as a locking bridge and locking Grovers. Really, The LPJ is a great guitar for the money. It seems to be a renamed Studio Faded. My only point was do not compare it to the Standard as you are not even in the same ballpark. If you want a fancier finish with the flame, you will need to step up to a Studio Deluxe at $1400, twice the price. Just remember that the finish is purely for show. Since you are looking for coil-s
  8. To correct myself, CTS does not make a push-pull and Alpha seems to resemble the Gibson-badged part. You should be able to get it for about $12. Gibson uses 300k, which some people find muddy. I don't think they have push-pull 300k, but I will crack open my Gibson tonight to see what they used stock (on the push-push control). A 500k will add some brightness to the guitar that can be rolled back using the control. http://www.warmoth.com/Push-Push-Pot-500k-with-DPDT-Switch-On-On-P732C58.aspx Here is another option where it has the fine-knurled spline and US diameter: http://www.
  9. I would pay $650 to see the 1969 Stones tour, 1975 The Who, 1977 Led Zeppelin or Woodstock. I would never pay $650 to see a band 40 years past their prime. Gotta build me a time machine.
  10. Why does Gibson insist on putting crappy gold hardware on black Les Pauls? Black and chrome look much better together, especially with the large white acrylic inlay.
  11. Seems like a Studio Plus/Deluxe to me. Is it really worth $2000 for a different cap and rotated pickup? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/gibson-les-paul-studio-deluxe-ii-50s-neck-flame-top-electric-guitar I guess it would need to be played to know, but on the surface it doesn't seem very spectacular.
  12. The LPJ has a maple neck, the standard Les Paul has mahogany. The back is probably a 3-piece instead of a 2-piece. All of the appointments are cheaper as is the finish. Really, you cannot compare the two (the Standard costs almost 4x as much). If that is all you can afford, that is probably still better than an Epiphone, but it's no where near the same as a $2000 guitar.
  13. I believe the LPJ has 2-conductor wiring. If not, I would go 500k. Pull the existing pot to check shaft length. Get CTS pots as the Alphas have different size holes and splines. I get my pots from StewMac.com, but if you are just getting a few things, the shipping might kill you. As long as the brand is CTS, it doesn't matter where you order from. A local music store probably sells single push-pull Gibson branded pots.
  14. My daughter's step-sister was over this past weekend (ironically, I spent Mother's Day with both of my ex-wife's kids) and she is interested in learning guitar as she is already into voice and piano. I set her up with my late-70s Cort Les Paul copy, a black beauty knock-off just as beautiful as the real deal. It has SD JB and Jazz pickups and was completely rewired. Anyway, it's been in a case for the past two years so I tuned it up and forgot how gritty it sounded and how well it played (doesn't complete with the Gibbys though). She was as happy as can be. Now comes the question.
  15. It's hard to say if the album changed my life, or if it was the soundtrack to changes in my life. I've had a few that were pivotal, in cronological order: When I was 11 (1985) the first rock album I bought was Motley Crue - Theatre of Pain. Other than K-Tel records I got for christmas or 8-tracks Dad would bring home from garage sales, this was my choice. As 14 year olds, a copy of a copy of a copy of 1987's Appetite for Destruction (Guns n' Roses) was circulating between all of us. Introduced me to attitude, grit and living like you don't give a #$%^. Made the pop-metal music o
  16. I would go with the 90's Studio. I'm not a big fan of the finish on the cheap Gibsons.
  17. You should be able to. You can also buy the Molex connector to wire the pickup using the quick connect board. Personally, I'd rip it all out and go traditional wiring. If someone wants the guitar stock if you resell, you would have everything to drop back in.
  18. I can't wait to try one. You'd think it would sound more like an ESP Eclipse II than a full-thickness Les Paul, a sort of Super Strat sound (but with a warmer neck).
  19. There is nothing special about the Joe Walsh guitar. You would be better off buying an actual 1960 Standard for that price.
  20. Country has gotten to the point that it is mush. With the anyone-with-a-pretty-face talent, token-fun-song songwriting and auto-tune production, it is mostly drivel. Pop isn't any different (Taylor Swift live is like a cat in a wood chipper) I saw Dwight Yoakam recently, no fancy rig, just a guitar going into an AC30. I think that is why I am into The Black Keys, the sound is much more organic. I also listen to a lot of Punk, just a guitar and an overdriven amp.
  21. I don't think a strat would fit into a LP case.
  22. Great guitars all around! I was lucky enough to be invited to a Gibson marketing focus group once and was able to provide feedback (I pushed for a aqua-burst finish, floyd rose trems and quilt tops, at least two came to be). Hopefully Gibson keeps soliciting their customer's opinions. Here's one more, based on that marketing session.
  23. I like the orange, it adds to the orginality of the build.
  24. It's not gun ownership that scares me, I own a .308 and a 16-gauge myself. It is the gun crazy society and the carry laws that scare me. The second ammendment of the US Constitution was intended to protect our country (a well-regulated militia), not our McNuggets. Until Americans as a society see gun ownership as a responsibility and not "fun", and recognize guns only have one purpose - to kill - we will continue to see sickos go out guns-a-blazin' and mow down as many people as they can.
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