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  1. Wish i could get trapezoid inlay on my V

  2. I suppose you take the tension off the strings to remove the arm (you know what i'm talking about) and then carefully bend the arm up so that it'll clear the knobs, I've been thinking about doing the opposite to the vibrola arm of my flying V because it cant fit in the aftermarket case unless i take it off (its an SKB case, If i could fit it in a gibson V case to see if it'd fit I'd get the Gibson case) Aside from that. It's really just a design flaw and not a very major one. it still plays, just swing the arm around the other way when you need to get it outa the way counter clockwise.
  3. i love the 496R for almost all of what i do in blues rock (now, when i say blues rock... imagine more blues... rock/metal) the 496R with the tone rolled back on a clean setting is great for my clean sounds, and the 500T again, with the tone rolled back A LITTLE! is good for my fast pace lead settings. Yes the 500T sometimes seems too loud i mostly stick with the rhyme position when playing. even during solos I've found myself sticking with the 496R more so then the 500T. I must confess however, that part of why i have done so, is because of how they sit in my flying V. they are tilted back towards the bridge. I've got a cover for the neck which seems to fix the problem, and even the ill fitting bridge cover, when just sat in the pickup as a mock-up seems to correct the problem. I cannot however, seem to find a cover with the correct spacing for my 500T (if it is in fact a 500T. almost 100% sure though. but it was previously owned before it came to my hands. so who knows what it is...) Assuming it is in fact a 496R and a 500T in my '06 V i Love em. ****/5 why 4/5? because Gibson does not sell the 500T with a cover factory installed! GET ON THIS GIBSON! PLEASE!? thank you \m/
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