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  1. It's a combo of diffrent Dorian scales aswell as a Dorian sweep pattern its ment to be played as a scale with nothing ontop of it. It's an exercise that u came up with to help strengthen my pinky and stretching the pinky, as I find that I can't hammer with it. Which makes songs like the Duncan hills coffee jingle harder. It seems to work cuz my fingers had a hard time with it the first couple times I played it through. As for scale and stuff I have no idea :P I'm theoretically challenged haha
  2. So, I was practicing the Dorian Scales, and I just started messing around and came up with this... Play it a few times and let me know what you guys think. kay?
  3. Just got it, Love it! Need to find a foot switch for it somewhere.
  4. Their is just something so right about this picture... Finally was able to get the guy down to 200 bucks for it. 50 Watt raw, MARSHALL power! + GIBSON
  5. http://www2.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/Features/en-us/Meet-Compressorhead-The-Worlds-Most-Metal-Band.aspx gave me a chuckle.
  6. So, I want to have my Flying V inlay changed (from pearl dot) to aged gold, Mother of Pearl Trapezoid. the 12th fret would have to be custom cut to fit over the original inlay rout, Their are not many in my area who will do this sort of work... so theoretically they can charge whatever they'd like... So, Anybody on here If you would just Give your opinions on this, and what you'd charge if you were asked to do this. I just want to know if I'm being taken for a ride when i have it at a shop. I of course would by the material, Pre-cut inlays, and then a large, blank piece for the 12th. *Oh
  7. So... I myself am going to call this sacrilege ! but.... Has anybody ever used these things? http://www.ebay.com/itm/LP-TRAPEZOID-MOP-Guitar-Decal-Inlay-Set-/150448100358?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item230767d406 I'd love to have trapezoid inlay on my V and while I'd pay the price to have it done. I just cant right now due to financial issues, also. I'd like to look at it awhile and make sure I dig the new look before I have my guitar put into a mod shop
  8. This is something that I always ask people, and its because i suppose it reminds me of when i first wanted to pickup a guitar. For me it was this video of Jimi Hendrix, I saw it on the E channel many years ago, I think i may have been about 8 years old when I saw this. and since then, I've always wanted to play, not only that but it made the 67 V my favorite guitar of all time, of course. I had no idea who this was, or the brand/model guitar was at the time. oddly enough, for christmas 2002, I got my first guitar, a Jay Turser Strat copy SO, who made you wanna pickup a guitar?!
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3Y24SNfH2Q
  10. Mako, if the neck annoys you, It'd probably annoy somebody else too... If you can redo the finish professionally, and have it look like something Gibson did, I'd do it.
  11. just for a laugh, Here is a Face Pick! this is what happens to my ID cards when I get a new one ;)
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