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  1. Maroon 5 Green Day Nickleback Train The Doors(sorry)
  2. I LOVE my Gibsons, but G-Force is a gimmick. I don't like gimmicks on my guitars.
  3. 1. Love my Epi ES 175 NOT PREMIUM (I will agree that these can be hit or miss...they got it right with mine). 2. You can find Gibson ES 135's all day long on the used market. This is a great guitar for the money (I bought mine for $900.00)...I actually have flatwounds on it, but I am thinking of going back to rounds. 3. Eastman makes great guitars for the money. 4. Washburn makes great jazz boxes (and you can find them in the $500.00 range). 5. Guild X-170 Manhattan is another good used choice (although I think Fender may have re-issued these).
  4. Spread your legs 2 feet apart, bend over and...sorry. Actually, except for the overall valuation of the instrument, a decent luthier can make the repairs and the guitar will be as good as new. I just saw an ES 175 for sale with a headstock repair for $1200.00...interesting. Good luck and don't fret (sorry again).
  5. I've been there too. My year was 2011. Had a heart attack from the stress. Though I am back on my feet now, my company has recently been purchased and there is a whole lot of trepidation going on within. Stay positive and believe in yourself. And get on Linked In :)
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    Hmm. Didn't think the slide solo was so bad. I figured they faded it after 5 min to fit in on vinyl. I could be wrong though..
  7. Sailjunkie


    I have read in a couple of places that, in fact, "EC Was Here" was performed on a Korina Explorer. I like the sound on that live album so much, for the longest time, I have been looking for a Korina Explorer (but, as most Explorers are relatively inexpensive, Korinas aint cheap). I actually prefer "EC Was Here" over the "Budakon" live collection, AND, on the remixed CD, they play ALL of "Driftin Blues" (featuring some very rare but tasty slide playing by Mr. Clapton)...on the album, the song fades out after about 5 minutes. On the CD, it is over 11 minutes long!
  8. The only person I ever saw playing the Synthaxe was Alan Holdsworth. I like the Roland synths better...
  9. I think, at least part of it, has to do with programmability. Digital FM, subtractive, virtual synthesis is great, but analog is awesome. I also believe that analog has, in many ways, reached the state of the art. I still have a few analogs from earlier days (Memmorymoog, Sequential Circuits Six Trak etc), as well as, some newer products (DSI Evolver, a lot of analog modeling synths)...above all, I like the depth of selection of analog synths. Hell, even modular systems are coming back (and they ain't cheap). Though I am on equal footing with guitar and keyboards, I prefer synths for much of the ambient stuff that I do.
  10. Thought I read somewhere that the Traditional was specially made for GC and Musicians Friend.
  11. I am hearing Country music start to incorporate Rap into the songs and it sounds awful (not being a big fan of rap music)...it's a cut and paste world these days...
  12. Just picked up a Swart Atomic Space Tone that is totally balls to the wall...twin 6V6's, really smooth reverb, AND a tremolo that is out of this world! Hand wired, tweed...bought it on consignment from Elderly Music for $1000.00 (lists for $1850.00). Rich clean tones, and accepts pedals very nicely. A stellar amp indeed!
  13. 34...6 of which are Gibsons. I play them ALL.
  14. Steve Howe... nice drawing of a pic from the Yessongs album...
  15. Nice website! Both Pat and Steve Howe are responsible for my ES-175 lust. I have an Epi ES 175 reissue that both looks and sounds amazing (must've been a good day for Epiphone). I also have a Heritage H-575 Custom that is the jewel of my collection. Love the sound of both, especially through a Swart Atomic Space Tone amp.
  16. My ears bleed everytime my wife puts on Alan Thicke (or, is it Robin Thicke)...has nothing to do with volume though...
  17. I agree! Love Bebop Deluxe. Have all of their albums from the 70's AND saw them in concert in Detroit.
  18. hmmm...great live bands... Little Feat with Lowell George (1978) Pat Metheny Peter Gabriel (1978) The Sun Messengers (Detroit band) ERIC JOHNSON Chicago in the 70's (don't laugh...they were awesome!) Recently... Ozric Tentacles!
  19. Here is a suggestion. Do your own thing! Start YOUR own band. You can play anything you want then because it is your band. The band dynamic can be very tricky but less so if it's your gig. Good luck and keep the faith!
  20. Football is done, not much of a basketball fan (until March anyway), and the Red Wings suck this year, so yes, I have been watching the Olympics! Go USA!
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