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  1. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] Happy Birthday, George! You are greatly missed!
  2. I put a set of Ernie Ball slinkies on mine a couple of years ago. I don't remember the gauges, though. My husband's nephew borrowed my guitar to perform at a school concert, a very rare honor for anyone in my family since my LP is my prized possession, but since he is a very trustworthy young man I trusted him. His father called me a couple days after the concert saying that his son was freaking out and he was so sorry. Naturally, I thought the worst hearing this and asked what happened. Here, while he was performing, he broke a string! I gave a sigh of relief and laughed. I told him to calm his son down and let him know that it was ok and that it happens. He told me that his son wanted to pay for "the damages" and I told him it wasn't necessary. When they brought my guitar back to me, his son handed me a pack of Ernie Balls and apologized profusely. I thanked him for the strings and reassured him that the apology, nor the replacement strings were necessary. He actually thought that the strings weren't good enough, but didn't know my brand - I don't have a favorite really - and offered to take them back to buy any brand I wanted. I kept them and put them on and actually like the feel of them.
  3. If you don't mind my asking, what is your name? My husband said he thinks that he has heard of your car and may have seen videos of it. If you would prefer to send a private message, that is fine. Our Nova has a Small Block 350 in it. Used to be my brother-in-law ' s motor with a tunnel ram on it. He only got it to go 13's, deemed it to be a "junk motor" and gave it to my husband who has had it ever since and has had it going 10.90's. We have had this motor in a '79 Malibu station wagon, another '72 Nova and a '63.5 Ford Falcon before this Nova. My husband runs Super Street. If you ever want to, you should check out a racing site called Yellow Bullet. They run a race at Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, MD every Labor Day that he runs in. We are currently saving up to rebuild the converter that decided to go Kaboom last year just as he was running First Round.
  4. My husband and I were talking about this the other day. We currently have CFL's throughout our house. We switched from incandescent bulbs in an effort to save money since things are so tight for us (we did this in conjunction with me militantly following behind my husband turning off lights since he tends to forget). It helped our bill some, but being visually impaired I am always dying for good light when reading anything. We have made a plan of buying a six pack of LED bulbs each month (they are $20 on Amazon and we need 20 for the whole house). I will start with replacing the lights in the living room and bathroom first and see if it helps, then go from there.
  5. NHRA? Boy, would my husband LOVE to talk to you! He has been into drag racing for as long as I've known him - if not longer! He races our 72 Nova at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland and at Atco Raceway in NJ (our home track).
  6. I used to work at a music store as a Sheet Music Clerk until I went to Grad School for Special Education. Upon Graduation, I became an Inclusive Classroom teacher at an Early Intervention Center. I was fired after my Probationary Period due to multiple absences due to my eye condition (which they were aware of upon my hiring and told me it would not be a problem. ). Since then, I have had multiple eye surgeries to save the little bit of vision I have and just never tried looking again (I still see 2 Specialists every two months), so I am a Housewife.
  7. Showing my love for metal (although this would be considered Glam): Roxy Petrucci of Vixen. Also Debbi Peterson of The Bangles.
  8. Rosemarie


    The Eagles Tribute was about all I watched. I have to agree with you and add that he seemed to get mixed up on the lyrics here and there as well. Overall, though, I thought it was a very nice Tribute.
  9. I think, in my own opinion, that if you are pointing out issues with technique in playing or singing that it shouldn't be a problem. How else can one improve if they don't know what needs improvement? It is totally useless and unnecessary to criticize someone for how they look or what they are wearing, especially if it has nothing to do with their performance. I personally find it a little mean spirited to criticize someone for smiling. If I was on stage singing in front of thousands of people following my dreams I would have a huge, goofy smile on my face too. Also, there is much to be said about the old saying our parents and grandparents taught us: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Just my $.02, anyway.
  10. It's currently 11° here. Have I mentioned lately that I hate winter?
  11. Congratulations! Best wishes for many more! :)
  12. Congratulations! Best wishes for many more years of happiness!
  13. The husband and I had a nice, quiet dinner at Olive Garden (I was craving their salad!) then we took a little drive. We were supposed to go to Cape May and take a Ferry ride (I love Lighthouses and he loves ships), but it was too cold. Hope everyone else who celebrated had a nice day and that those who don't had a nice day as well! :)
  14. I missed the National Anthem live, but saw a video of it online and she did a fabulous job performing. Her respect for the song was very evident and respectful. As for the Halftime Show, it was just as I predicted: a Snoozefest. Coldplay has maybe two songs that I like and the rest are just audio sleeping pills to me. As for Beyonce, if I wanted to see someone shake their butt in front of a wind machine I would have watched the Super Bowl at a Strip Club. And Bruno Mars was...Bruno Mars. Hopefully next year they will pick someone better for the Halftime Show, like Metallica or almost anyone else!
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