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  1. Hey guys , Thanks for your information ! Im happy today, i have slash's tone after much houers on google, forums, and twisting knobs, i allredy had the technics.... and now the sound too! For my brithday ill get A boss AC-2 and a DD-3 or DD-6 , then i have all i need, my rig then is: Gibby les paul std. ==> Fulltone full drive 2 ==> Marshall Guv'nor ==> Boss EQ (ge-7 ) ==> Compr. (boss CS-3) ==> Digitech Scrimin' Blues ( Mostly Bypass somtimes its handy for a boost or when i play angus young) ==> Pod xtWith the biggest version of the Line 6 FBX floorboard (When i play slash i just use noise gate , Wha And volume) ==> My H&K amp. it sounds great
  2. Does anyone know the setting vor slash's EQ? Or maybe the settings to get close to slash's dist , wit a fulltone full-drive2 and a guv'nor? Anyone? gibsonfreaky [color=red]Thanks all the next most important things are: With what settings can i get colse to slash's dist? My dists are: a fulltone full-drive2 and a guv'nor And with what EQ settings (on my Boss CS-3) can i get close to slash's sound? [/color]
  3. Hi all, Some of you said slash doesen't use a compressor, but on the internet i foud this : SLASH uses some effects when playing live. On stage he uses a M.X.R.10 Band E.Q for lead boost and feedback enhancement. When you see SLASH using the Wah-Wah pedal, he is using a Dunlop Rackmount Wah Wah system. He also uses a Heil Talkbox, and Boss DD-3 Digital Delay. SLASH also uses the DBX compressor and Yamaha SPX 900 for clean sound processing. He favors the Nady 950-GT Wireless System. All signals go through the Bob Bradshaw Custom Splitter System. Found at: http://www.snakepit.org/equip.html I also found this: (download the image and zoom a little to see there is a compressor in his rig) Found at: http://www.slashsworld.com/equipment/ Conclusion: He uses a compressor Other quesion Can i get close to slash's delay and reverb with a boss RV-3 pedal?? Thanks, gibsonfreaky
  4. PS: those tones you said KSG, they are great !
  5. I need good compressor settings for slash's tone i have the Boss CS-3 compressor.
  6. it looks like a fake les paul classic... :-k
  7. Yeah, the guv´nor is a cool pedal but thats more a marshall vintage amp simulator (it change your amp sound in a marshall vintage amp sound.... Or on a marshall it is a cool booster but i know a better one : A fulltone fulldrive 2 its an awsome pedal and it costs 200 $
  8. That guitar look sweet... If u said u bought that guitar as a vintage adged gibson sg i was trustin` You! The only thing u can do is remove your pickup swich knob, that gives more a adged look! Gibsonfreaky
  9. They look cool! I wanna buy one mabe, when I have some money again
  10. Im good with effects but thats TOO much........ that´s the same thing as tyin to play ozzy´s music with a banjo....(IMPOSSIBLE!)
  11. Hi, I have one too, they are verry nice, if u put new pups in it and a new bridge then its pretty cool! Thats what i mean, And Dennis: i dont customized that guitar, but i think that will be cool....
  12. Hi, I have one too, they are verry nice, i u put new pups in it and a new bridge its pretty cool!
  13. Desertburst, Honeyburst, Heritage Cherry, Goldtop, Iced tea
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