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  1. Hey guys , Thanks for your information ! Im happy today, i have slash's tone after much houers on google, forums, and twisting knobs, i allredy had the technics.... and now the sound too! For my brithday ill get A boss AC-2 and a DD-3 or DD-6 , then i have all i need, my rig then is: Gibby les paul std. ==> Fulltone full drive 2 ==> Marshall Guv'nor ==> Boss EQ (ge-7 ) ==> Compr. (boss CS-3) ==> Digitech Scrimin' Blues ( Mostly Bypass somtimes its handy for a boost or when i play angus young) ==> Pod xtWith the biggest version of the Line 6 FBX floorboard (When i play slash i just use noise gate , Wha And volume) ==> My H&K amp. it sounds great
  2. Does anyone know the setting vor slash's EQ? Or maybe the settings to get close to slash's dist , wit a fulltone full-drive2 and a guv'nor? Anyone? gibsonfreaky [color=red]Thanks all the next most important things are: With what settings can i get colse to slash's dist? My dists are: a fulltone full-drive2 and a guv'nor And with what EQ settings (on my Boss CS-3) can i get close to slash's sound? [/color]
  3. Hi all, Some of you said slash doesen't use a compressor, but on the internet i foud this : SLASH uses some effects when playing live. On stage he uses a M.X.R.10 Band E.Q for lead boost and feedback enhancement. When you see SLASH using the Wah-Wah pedal, he is using a Dunlop Rackmount Wah Wah system. He also uses a Heil Talkbox, and Boss DD-3 Digital Delay. SLASH also uses the DBX compressor and Yamaha SPX 900 for clean sound processing. He favors the Nady 950-GT Wireless System. All signals go through the Bob Bradshaw Custom Splitter System. Found at: http://www.snakepit.org/equip.html I also found this: (download the image and zoom a little to see there is a compressor in his rig) Found at: http://www.slashsworld.com/equipment/ Conclusion: He uses a compressor Other quesion Can i get close to slash's delay and reverb with a boss RV-3 pedal?? Thanks, gibsonfreaky
  4. PS: those tones you said KSG, they are great !
  5. I need good compressor settings for slash's tone i have the Boss CS-3 compressor.
  6. it looks like a fake les paul classic... :-k
  7. Yeah, the guv´nor is a cool pedal but thats more a marshall vintage amp simulator (it change your amp sound in a marshall vintage amp sound.... Or on a marshall it is a cool booster but i know a better one : A fulltone fulldrive 2 its an awsome pedal and it costs 200 $
  8. That guitar look sweet... If u said u bought that guitar as a vintage adged gibson sg i was trustin` You! The only thing u can do is remove your pickup swich knob, that gives more a adged look! Gibsonfreaky
  9. They look cool! I wanna buy one mabe, when I have some money again
  10. Im good with effects but thats TOO much........ that´s the same thing as tyin to play ozzy´s music with a banjo....(IMPOSSIBLE!)
  11. Hi, I have one too, they are verry nice, if u put new pups in it and a new bridge then its pretty cool! Thats what i mean, And Dennis: i dont customized that guitar, but i think that will be cool....
  12. Hi, I have one too, they are verry nice, i u put new pups in it and a new bridge its pretty cool!
  13. Desertburst, Honeyburst, Heritage Cherry, Goldtop, Iced tea
  14. Nice new avatar flight!
  15. #-o #-o #-o ](*,) ](*,) Do u realy mean this???
  16. i think too its a fake... it doesent match' date=' but maybe the guy has put a new decal on it. maybe it was an old and deffect fender guitar and he restored it... [-( ](*,) but ive seen a thread on MLP where he was liein' about his gear, in the beginning he told he had the best guitars and amps and later he told he had cheaper stuff..... cheers.
  17. i found something on a site... i type your serial number in and they said this: Serial number unrecognized Your guitar may have been made prior to 1977, in that case you may need to use the Vintage Panel, simply select all the options that best describe your guitar. If you are still having difficulties please contact the webmaster.
  18. hmm... 000749 the first lp standard's came around 1955, so i think its 1960-1963 but it can be what axe said... do you have some photos?
  19. bring your daughter to the slaughter - Iron maiden
  20. Hmm... Yeah i think its too good to be true... its a little strange because he says CASH ONLY!!!
  21. Woow his lies all the way! His a true liar :) :) :^o
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